Renfrew–first take

renfrew 1

My lovely friend Gemma @mustachiothread gave me the Renfrew pattern. So I had to make it! Yes I as one of the last people to get this basic pattern from Sewaholic.

Because these patterns are designed for a pear shaped body, I had to trace size 8 for shoulders and waist and go to a size 6 on the hips! I also made the sleeves about 7 cm shorter  to allow for my short arms!

This pattern and the White Russian of Capital Chic Patterns  another basic, that  I will probably use to make more versions. Already decided to make a short sleeved one for the summer .

For this one I used the fabric I got from another lovely lady – Clare who blogs at Sew Dixie Lov.

I used my new Janome machine to make this one, because I am still afraid of my over-locker. Soon I will go to  a workshop to finally conquer my fear, but until then  sewing machine it is!  It came together very fast! And it is very comfortable! I was wore it to death! Had to  put it in the wash as it was getting a bit smelly. Nasty I know! But if I  did not have so many other projects I am making I would have made some more by now!

renfrew detail

And for someone who hates hand sewing, I started using it a lot! I am afraid to think that I might have been converted! Oh.. I will delude myself for a while longer that hand sewing is not good and does not save me much time! But some other projects in the works are showing me otherwise.

I did not finish the seams, just left them as they were. Using jersey usually means fabric will not fray and no one will look inside other than me, right? I even left in the tacking thread out of pure laziness.




  1. Hey! Get some scraps and try the overlocker! Nothing to be afraid of, I promise! Which one you got?
    Great basic this Renfrew. I need one with short sleeves and a v neck 😉

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