Fancy pantzy pants for White Tree Fabrics

katherine pantsOh, goodness this has been a long time coming!  I actually finishes these pants last year! I was aiming to have them blogged by Halloween, but I have a few set backs and the Murder Mystery costume intervened as well. I  blogged about it here.

This was my second project for the White Tree Fabrics blog.

It took a while for me to get  all the fabric needed,  as when I picked it on the website I did not realise it was see through.   So I had to order some back statin to use underneath the see trough fabric.

I forgot to take a picture of all the fabric and notions I received. It took me a while to  cut all the pieces and tack them together before over-locking all the pieces.  Originally I also wanted to make a fold over bag to go with it! I am still working on this, or maybe now. It is on my UFO pile. Need to decide if worth finishing, since I am not to happy how the fabric looks like once I added the interfacing to give it more body.

I chose for these pants the free pattern that came with  Love Sewing from issue 5 – the Katherine Wide-legged Trouser  that you can download here. I decided to cut a size 12 and made view 2 with  the pockets. I could not be bothered to try to figure out how to add the zip into the side not the back seam so ended up putting it in the back seam, even though I thought it might be a bit un-confortable to wear.

The only pieces I did not overlay with lace were the pockets and inside waistband facing for a bit of contrast. I only used the instructions for constructing the front with the pocket. The rest was pretty easy to put together, so I did not need any help! The fabric is very hard to catch in pictures! It looks lovely.


When I over-locked the edges I did not pay enough attention and did not realise that the machine was ‘eating away’ from  the seam  allowance and in the end I have to us a .5cm seam on the inside of the  leg. But they still fitted ok. Also mad a bit of a mess of the invisible zip. It was a see through one. But you could still see the contrast so I had to improvise. I thought that since I will always have something covering my behind I will get away with just using black marker and colour the teeth in. Ha, Ha , bet you did not expect that! But I did not fancy undoing the bloody zip and start again not with this fabric anyway. and once cant really tell. You can see my handy work

katherine detail

I will probably make them again, but not with underlining. And having the zip in the centre seam is not as bad as I thought. I did not even realise it was there! Dahh.. Silly me!

The fabric was a bit challenging, but with  a bit of patience I got there in the end. I am still discovering that temporary stitching  can save a lot of trouble later. But still struggle to convince myself of using it as a technique while making my projects.


Do you also apply silly solutions to projects that don’t actually go as planned like me? What are your tricks to hide your mistakes?

I have some of the purple fabric left, and I think the slouchy cardigan from the last Great British Sewing Bee book would be a good project to do with it.


1) animal see through fabric –

2) back satin :

3) WhiteTree Fabrics also provided me with the zip and thread. 

And remember you can still get 20% discount if you use the code ATTICK when you order any fabric or supplied from WhiteTree Fabrics.


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