Gifts for little ones! 2

All this time I was not blogging I was busy making stuff! Usually I am quite a selfish sewer! Don’t do many things for others! They have to really be special to me, for me to actually take precious sewing time to make stuff! Hi, hi, I know it’s not nice, but hey, that’s just me!

When Amity from Lolita Patterns told me that she was  expecting, I thought it would be nice of me to make something for her little girl. As Amity  as a very distinct style and loves really crazy fabrics, in a good way, I asked her if she had a theme in mind for her little one’s room! I was not surprised when she said that  the theme had something to do with Pirates. I already had some fabric that could go with that theme!

The hard bit was to find some baby projects to make! I had to have the patience to go through my large stash of sewing magasines and books with patterns that I own! Took me a while to decide on a baby cot storage I found in Sew Mag issue 47 (May 2013) and a little kimono I found in Martha Stewart’s Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts (one of my first sewing books by the way). Baby Cot & Kimono  Making these little gifts was so much fun! So, when one of my friends from Romania told me she will be having a little girl  as well , I could not help myself but to make her a little present as well.  For her I actually used some of the fat quarters I have bought while I was at the Sewing meet-up organised by the lovely Amy from Almond Rock. This is the pick Eleanor (who also blogs at took after we had a few drink and some thing to eat and exchanged  fabrics and patterns! I love meet-ups, especially crafty ones! IMG_0075  For my Romanian friend I did another baby cot storage and a pair of dungarees – got the pattern from Love Sewing issue 7. For her I matched the cot with the dungarees Smile. IMG_0901          I forgot to take some inside pictures of the little dungarees but I did the facings in the same fabric I used for the pocket and straps!

The question is, have I been converted ?Maybe not  too much! I will the do the odd project for others, but I still feel I am selfish and prefer to sew for myself!

simona 1



  1. They are gorgeous gifts! Well done for sewing for others! I always think, it doesn’t matter how wonky I am if it is for me…..anyone else could actually moan about it!!! So best to be #selfishsewer!

    • Hey Amanda! Thank you! It’s fun to make prezzies for others but making stuff for myself is more rewarding ! Still got a lot to learn about fitting myself before I start it on others! #selfishsewer!

      So lovely to see you on GBSB 3! So many familiar faces on this year’s show! (Deborah and Alex) 😉

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