How I made three tops ! Yoke Top Love Sewing

IMG_0144I had this lovely small piece of fabric that in the middle had  a row of guitars, I bought this during the summer sale from Abakhan’s  when I also met Amy-! I did not have to much, but I knew it was to be a top. However the challenge was to find a pattern that I could make a feature of that did not require  to much fabric.  So when I saw Lauren’s pattern for the Yoke Top in Love Sewing issue 5, I knew I found the perfect pattern!  (this is also in Lauren’s first book she just launched last month)

I first traced the size recommended by the instructions! But to my disappointment I did not have enough fabric! Cry! Cry! I really wanted to make it out of this fabric. Then, I thought that maybe I could make it out of another fabric and chose left over from my Umbrellas jumpsuit and made it in the recommended size!

Oh! It turned out to be way to big on me!  Also, I wanted to do the pleated version, but the pleats are not marked correctly and ended up with an extra pleat in the middle to make it fit the yoke , which I was not to happy  about!  Chances are it was my fault when I traced the pattern! Suffice to say, I ditched the  idea. I did not fancy trying to figure it out myself! Also the armhole is way to big for me. One can see to much of my bra and I am shy about showing off  my undergarments to  the public, even if it is just a glance! I ditched the idea of putting in the collar, it is not necessary. I think the neck line looks better without.  Although it has button holes in the back, I don’t need to use them.  I can pull the top over my head with no problems (I suspect that if I would have inserted the collar, this would have not been possible).


At first, I was tempted to reduce the length in the bodice between the bust and shoulder (just use bigger seam allowance between the yoke and main body of the top), I had the idea that a smaller size will give me a better fit, so I retraced the pattern in the smaller size! Well impressed with myself, as it was the better option,  as the smaller size is a better fit for me! I don’t like stuff to large/baggy! So, in this instance,  smaller is better. I like to think it will keep me in check, and be careful not to gain to much weight. Yeah right….!

For the second one, I thought would be a good idea to test is first, since I could not find more of the guitars fabric! I did try you know! I did not want to cry because I cut it and it  went all wrong! As you can see from  the pictures it is a much better  fit for me!  I finally used the no sew in studs kit I got at a charity shop years ago!

front viewBack view

My joy increased when by fluke I tried the pattern pieces on the fabric and I just barely managed to get them in! I even matched the side seams! Then on looking at the pictures I noticed the front yoke , I seem to have matched that pattern as well! Well done me! No planning on that, I swear!




IMG_0151For the last two tops I did use the gathered option, because  I was lazy! Even  the smaller size goes over my head without having to open the buttons! Which is a good thing, as I decided as I was making my last one to have a glass of wine  and messed the button holes!

Well it went without a hitch on the previous two tops so I assumed all will be fine on the last one as well! I was proven wrong! But you can’t tell! so  who cares, I certainly don’t!  Here is the trio!

IMG_0146Usually, I do not make the same pattern several times, but a small piece of fabric seems to have converted me into making muslins as well! I can wear all of them. However I am tempted to get rid of the Umbrellas one! way to big for my liking!

Guess what? I did not buy any fabric for any of them, used the scraps for the wearable muslins! I think I am getting better at using fabric from my  stash! Famous last word! I am already planning a fabric shopping session right now! Ups… Promise I won’t tell if you don’t!

Here is me and my tops Smile!




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