WhiteTree Fabric – My first project


For my first WhiteTree Fabrics blog project  I chose to  make a top I have seen on the blogosphere some time ago and just fell in love with it.  It is Vogue 8926 and used the black satin bonded lace they have on offer. Have you seen Lucie’s  Honeymoon bag for which she used the white version of this fabric. Exquisite! That’s what I say!

v8926_full_232014-07-23-14.29.228WhiteTree Fabrics send me everything from  the fabric and pattern to the notions such as thread and bias tape.  I decided to make View C! I was hopping I can use it as  a jacket! The fabric was more difficult to  cut than to actually sew it up! I think in the future, when I use this type of fabric I will cut each piece on single layer, to be more accurate when cutting rather than double layer. Think that using my new heavy tailor scissors did not help the issue either as I am not used to cutting with such a heavy pair!  And I think saving time will have to be sacrificed for accuracy!


It did not take me long to put it together think it was about 5 to 6 hours from tracing my size to finished garment!  In the end I had to make my own bias tape, because when I told Lisa about what bias tape I need, gave her the wrong dimension and it was way too thin for my project. Ups!  But it did not take me long to make it, especially since I have the Simplicity Bias Tape  Maker , which I love using all the time.  

This pattern is a perfect one for autumn!  Sewing with this fabric is a dream, especially after having a bit of difficulty cutting it in the first place.  I did not use the instructions, other than checking I am adding the bias tape correctly.  And I am thinking of making it again  for an evening outfit, maybe silk or satin!  Not sure which one yet!

Sorry for the pictures when I got my awesome new camera I bought the wrong remote for it, so until the correct one arrives I am still using the ipad for pics!  Which as you can see does not make the awesome of pictures Sad smile.

Here are some autumn outfits I will be using my new top!

IMG_0829IMG_0851IMG_0850IMG_0830IMG_0835       The project did not pose many problems and  I believe even a beginner will make this in no time! I decided to make two openings for the belt to go through, one on both sides , just so I can close it both ways and because I was to lazy to actually do one side and then check and do the other. Just wanted to save me the trouble of having to use the unpick! It would have been a nightmare unpicking stretch stitch – black tread on black fabric?! Don’t even want to think about it. 

And remember you  can still use the code ATTICK to get 20% off on your order on www.whitetreefabrics.com

simona 1

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