Hop Hop, Blog Hop!!

Amy- fabric loveA couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Amy – Barmy Beetroot. She invited me to be part of a Blog Hop!  I was not sure what I will be writing about but I knew darn well I would not pass such an opportunity  and did not want to refuse a good friend.

I first met Amy, a couple of months ago when she came to visit be in Bolton. I was really impressed because she was the first person who said to me they want to come to Bolton for a visit! yes not many people want that. I do know that  one of the reasons is the Abakah shop near me.  So that’s where we went and we kind of enabled each other to buy fabric during the Summer sales. After we had tea together and chatted about loads of stuff and showed her my sewing room and handmade collection of clothes.

In the picture is Amy with the fabric we both bough on that day.

Love to feel the love and that’s why when I got from her email! So I decided to join in and spread the love.

She was invited to hop by lovely Louise from Sew Sensational.  The hop involves answering a few questions and nominate two other bloggers of your choice to join in.

So here it goes my side of the HOP!

Why Do I write?

I started my blog as a way to keep record of my makes . To be honest it was also because I have seen so many lovely blogs I was reading and told myself :’ Oh, I can do this as well!’ At the same time, because  English is not my first language I thought a blog will help me improve my language skills. It was easy to pick my subject! I knew that it had to be about something I like, otherwise I would give it up pretty fast. And as ‘Sewing is my passion!’ I started writing ranting about it.

Then after a while,  as I started getting  a few followers and comments on my makes, I got addicted to the love that fellow bloggers showed me!  It’s so awesome to get comments from people (so many in my opinion more talented than me), who are as in love with sewing as me.   I am still in awe of how many friends I have made since I started my blog and decided to go at meet ups!  Although the DIY community online is quite big, I did not realise how huge it actually is. So much fun to follow and get inspired by it all the time.   My Work Station  My writing happens at my desk, which I also use for work, but on my laptop!  Don’t really like to use the laptop’s keyboard so I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard for comfort!

What I am working on?

Where do I start? Currently, I am working at quite a few projects! I always get excited about something else, right in the middle of a project and a new one gets started. Once I was working on 10  projects at the same time. I had then to force myself to finish them before starting again. Projects I currently work on

There’s the skulls dress, that I have decided to make into a skirt. The top does not fit well and squashes my chest making me look like a freak! Not a nice image, so I only worn it once. I made the dress before I figured how easy it is to do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment)! Silly Girl! I did think of re-doing the top but, because of the construction I would have to unpick the whole dress! And you  know I do not do that! The easy option is to re-fashion the dress into a skirt, do an FBA on the pattern and re-make the dress starting fresh (Will be a while knowing me!). The Islander jacket, should have been finished by new, almost a year in the making. But I am using a soft-furnishings fabric which is so hard to do hand sewing on! Poor fingers of mine! I did not like on the first jacket, blogged about here and here that facing had to the stitched from  the front and it was catching the pocket as well so I decided on my next jackets some hand stitching was needed!  Got some shorts that still need to be sewing up, I know that the summer is over, but I will have those shorts made up.  I am also working on some gifts for friends who are expecting babies! The no-selfish projects seem to me made a bit faster. Also slowly making some progress with my first WhiteTree Fabrics project.  Oh , how could I forget, I am making two Lady Grey coats (not in the picture) from Colette  one for me and one for my mum.

How does it differ from others of its genre?

Well, I don’t think my blog differs to much. I rant about my projects or review the odd book  – sewing related of course – or do a tutorial. So in this area I am a bit of a sheep! I just follow everybody else. So sorry not much to say what makes my blog different as it is not really that different than what’s already out there. However,  this question has given me some food for thought  and I will see if I will come up with something. However, I think as long as I use it as a medium to express my self and my hobby and not use it in connection with  a sewing related business, all I need to do is to be myself.

How does my writing process work?

I found this question the hardest to answer.  I don’t think I do have a writing process. It involves a bit to much planning on my part, and I am a bit of a lazy writer.  I think my writing process involves, me deciding what to write about and me being in the mood to write, and I pretty much make it as I go along! That’s pretty much it.  (He, he, on that thought, I might be changing slowly, because this is the first post I read after writing it from start to finish before I posted it! )

My Nominations!

As I was away at the time I got the email, all I had to do was to think about what in the world to write and whom I would like to nominate.  I started by going through my bloglovin’ list of blogs and re-read some of the blogs to help me narrow it down, which was not easy I tell you! In the end I decided to go with one fellow blogger whom I met in real life and one that I don’t know personally but from whom I have learnt a thing or two about sewing!  Hope you have fun reading their blogs if you are not already familiar with them.

1. Rachel – jaquesrhymeswithcakes.blogspot.co.uk 

I chose Rachel because I think she is an awesome person and besides her bubbly personality she so creative when it comes to crafty stuff. She shares on her blog a lot of fun stuff from her learning experiences when it comes to sewing, to cooking some awesome cakes( she promised to make one just for me Smile) to her visits to some awesome places! Also, she is so much fun to be crafting with. So glad she lives close enough to me to  be able to come for some sewing sessions. Looking forward to our next meet!

2. Leila – http://threedresses.org/

Leila, is one of my favourite bloggers. Love her style and there were many occasions when I bought patterns after seeing some of her makes. Also she is so much fun, I love her pictures of her makes – including the posts than go along with them, dah!! I am dreaming of a day when we get to meet and go on some fabric shopping together and make stuff! It would be so much fun! Darn ocean that’s between us! Thanks to her I actually conquered my fear of doing FBAs ( First one done on Sugar Plum of Lolita Patterns form her sewalong)

simona 1



    • Thank you. It was so much fun writing it. And testament that when I have outside deadlines I srick to them. 😉

  1. Hi Simona, loved reading your blog hop, thanks for taking me up on my request 🙂 Also excited about checking out your nominees. I’m sure you have more wips than that surely 😉 xx

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