Sugar Plum–A long long time coming

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum Envelope FrontNow this had been a long time coming.  I finished the dress last year in November. Ups!! I decided to blog about it anyway, because while making this dress, I also have tried some new techniques, that I want to share my experiences about.

I found Amity’s little company – Lolita Patterns – while reading the blog of one of her testers for this dress. Lets see if  I can find it again. Victory, I found it. It was the version by  Curious Kiwi –

So I ordered myself the PDF pattern, because I could not wait for it to arrive all the way from America.

2013-11-19 09.40.28I also joined in in the Sugar Plum giveaway that Amity organised.  And guess what I won it.  And among the great stuff were some buttons, thread and a zip that was perfect for my dress as I used an animal print for the bodice, which could allow me to use some the the gifts received. Amity brought it with her all the way from America for me. Ha ha, bet you thought she came specially to give me my gift. No, it just happened that she was in London about the same time I went to visit my mum.IMG_0251 And I was such a great idea. Back then, was my first sewing meet-up and since I am hooked. Bring them on! I blogged about the November meet here.

She even helped me get the fabric for the skirt bit, because I was not sure what as best to be used. We got it while we went to the famous  Walthamstow market that Lovely Karen Ball from Did you make that? blogged about here. So guess I have also met the Man Outside Sainsbury as well  Smile.

150-x-150-SP-Badge1As there was a sewalong in place, I made for the first time a full bust adjustment. Why did I think FBAs are difficult? I have no idea. Think if was more my fear of it than anything else. And since it was the first time doing an FBA I decided that a muslin was a must.  Just in case it went all wrong and more adjustments were needed. I was very lucky I did not need to do more than an FBA. the fit was perfect, once room was made for by bust. sugarplummuslin






Ever since this project, I am no longer afraid of FBAs. Now I quite enjoy slashing and making it bigger to fit my body. Keep telling myself, why were you so terrified of something so easy to do?  I know the muslin doesn’t look that great but, I did use the wrong type of  fabric for it. In the fashion fabric the bodice is great.

I love this dress, so comfortable to wear! The inside is a mess. Still need to fix it a bit. I am ashamed of it so I wont share with you the mess I made of it. That was all because, once I made the muslin I thought, like always, that I know what I am doing and added the bodice lining and waist band before I added the zip, which created a lot of bulk in the waistband area. Sad smile. However ,you cannot tell from the outside. Thank you Goddess of Arts!  I also managed to  catch in the stitch the bottom button loop. And not way in hell am I to undo triple stitch… Nope!!! Also due to my messing with it, the zipper doesn’t sit perfectly either. But I have done that on purpose to personalise it Smile. Ha ha!!! IMG_0578


From the outside no one knows about the silly mistakes I made, and i do try to wear a jacket or cardigan with it so you can’t see the zipper either. Because of the mess I made of it, I will make anther one , just need to find the time and get to it. So many projects jump the list, to be made first. I will get to it, think I just need to find the perfect fabric again. Yes,yes, another excuse to go shopping again Smile….

simona 1



    • Thanks.👄. I have the same feelings when it comes to the inside. Not stopping memfrom wearing it. 😉

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