Spring Summer Swap 2014

SSS_2014_600This time I was in time to join the swap organised by Kestrel Makes – www.kestrelmakes.com

I was paired up with sweet Rachel , who blogs at  jaquesrhymeswithcakes.blogspot.co.uk.   More, she only lives about 30 minutes drive away from me Smile. So we decided to meet and exchange our gifts and go shopping to the Bolton Abakhan’s that’s only 15 minutes walk away from my house Smile. Yeah, many times I have to avoid going in the area or call my mum and get her to keep me distracted from buying more fabric. Smile.

So as we decided to meet rather than post our gifts to each other, we both packed out gifts and met on Sunday. And guess what?  I was ‘love at first sight’  Smile .  From the moment I met Rachel I thought to myself, she seems so nice, we will for sure become friends. And I think we will, we already planed a sew sewing parties at mine. Looking forward to them.

Anyhow the post is more about what I got from Rachel. The gift is amazing. I love it. From  the gorgeous box with a crochet flower and made up ribbon, which will be used as storage for bits and bobs I use in my projects.  2014-06-29 15.57.53




2014-06-29 15.58.46

The box is not very big! And little was my surprise when I found loads and loads of stuff in it. And more little presents inside.

2014-06-29 16.01.11

A bit of fabric for a skirt – not one but two pieces – simple black and the flowery one that also has polka dots and wide elastic for the waistband. Now I only need to decide how long to make my skirt. Smile

2014-06-29 16.01.33

Not really sure what I will do with them, but i am sure I will probably use it on a blouse or skirt made of plain fabric and will top stich on the seams to emphasise the seams Smile.

2014-06-29 16.02.27

When I opened it, at first I though it was a tape with crocheted edge! But no, its bias tape! How cool is that? I want to use it like now, right now on something,but unfortunately for me the colour does not go with any of my 10 WIPs, so will have to wait a bit, but soon enough. Smile

2014-06-29 16.03.05

Some lovely vintage buttons as well. I already have in mind a project I could use them on.

2014-06-29 16.03.44


A sweet box with a measure tape inside! Perfect for a  travel sewing kit. Just need to check the box before I pack it to make sure the measuring tape is inside Smile.

2014-06-29 16.04.31

Rachel was great at giving me surprise after surprise! I was like a child in a candy shop. I was gifted several crocheted flower that were used to wrap the smaller items. Also that little parcel there was another wonderful surprise for me.

2014-06-29 16.05.25

The labels are so cute! So my makes will get the addition of these sweet labels. Will need to remember to ask Rachel were she got them, because I want more, more, more, more…. That’s because I do make all my projects with love Smile!

2014-06-29 16.06.52

I even got a pattern with the whole lot, and  believe you me! I like it. and that’s both the top and the skirt.

I know Rachel liked her gift, but  the one I put together for her is not as glamorous as the one she got me! I will make it up to her though, during our hopefully many sewing parties we will be having in the future. Smile

And I am for sure joining in next year as well. Smile

Oh, and forgot to share a selfie:


simona 1



    • It requires a lot of strength not to be there everyday! But then I keep telling myself that before I get in there I need to make another project and use up some of the fabric already in the stash! Which by the way, never works! After my last trip, I have now again banned myself for getting in there for at least a month! 😭 however, that does not mean I won’t go to Darwen to Minerva crafts instead. Ha ha !

    • It was! Felt so special that Rachel was so careful in picking everything for me! And so creative as well! ❤️❤️❤️

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