Sporty Summer Sewathon–by Did You Make That

didyoumakethatWhen Karen Ball – who writes  the awesome blog ‘Did you make That?’ – announced the sewathon, at first i told myself sounds interesting, we will see.  Then she started sharing with us some of her ideas of what to make, the pattern she picked and fabrics. And I got more excided about the whole thing. Also because, I have noticed that when I have  a deadline set from the out side, I actually make stuff by the deadline.

And no it does not work as well when I am the one who sets the deadline Sad smile. Trust me I tried.

2014-05-29 10.24.12

2014-05-29 10.24.43

Anyhow, after some thought on what to make, see here what I was looking at patterns for shorts.  The final fight was between: Burda Style shorts (left) and Patrones shorts(right).

I actually already cut the Patrones shorts, all ready to go. Then Sally aka Charity Shop Chic suggested the Burda Style shorts, but extend the front flaps to be longer than the  shorts. A whole new image was created in my head, with  a lot of potential.  So I scrapped the Patrones pants for now( will make them later, besides instructions are so scarce , it will take me a while to figure how to construct them anyways) and gone for the Burda shorts. The pattern is from  Burda Style June 2014 Issue, which I got from  the train station in London on my way back from #NYLon14 (well it was a few days after to me accurate).  Other than lengthening the front flap,  I made no changes to the pattern. 2014-06-20 19.32.35

For the top I copied/stole Karen’s idea to make the Tiny Pocket Tank from Grainline.  I cut size 6 and made a full bust adjustment. I also raised the front neck line. However next time will need to be careful how I draw the neckline as it’s a bit wrong, because it creates darts as it pulls a bit.

For a couple of weeks, I wont be using my outfit for any sports, but I have been promised by a friend a few golf lessons and if weather permits, I plan to wear this outfit. Smile but the shorts are also perfect for a tennis match.









I had loads of fun making this outfit and it was a pretty quick make, I was finished with both the top and shorts by mid June. Smile Just taking pictures takes a while  as I don’t have my personal photographer – working on it though and could be soon will have better quality pictures. The ipad ones aren’t as great, but I have a remote control so I can take pictures myself. Smile And yes, it seems I have an obsession for chevron patterned fabric. Ups. No idea what will be making with so much, but surely some ideas will come to me.

The only thing that I bought for this challenge was the tiny Pocket tank pattern. Everything else was in my stash. The shorts turned out better than I expected. From  the front you would say its a skirt. But from the back and side you can tell they  are shorts.  I think this kind of style, I am talking about the shorts, would be perfect for tennis, if made in white fabric. Would be great for an outfit to play at Wimbledon Smile.

The top also is  a nice make. Takes your eye. It actually reminds me of the secret room floor in Twin Peaks series. If anyone remembers it. So cool! Now I got used to it and it is no longer playing tricks on me. Ha ha.

Looking forward to seeing the other outfits coming out tomorrow Smile.

simona 1



    • in fairness you made it so hard not to join in! I must confess that the competition made it more alluring :). Just kidding, your enthusiasm made my decision easier. Looking forward to all the other great outfits 🙂

    • I ended up buying 5 different chevron patterned fabric. Don’t know what got into me?! And I was close to getting more, But then I thought I am finding it difficult as it is to find what to make, so better wait a bit. 🙂

  1. Aha these turned out great! Your shorts look so much better than the Burda ones. The longer fronts really makes a difference. I demand to see pictures of you playing golf in these! 🙂

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