Time for Cocktails: Today I ‘m Having a Manhattan

As  the whole world knows by now, Lovely Sally who is also Charity Shop Chic made an important step by launching her pattern company – Capital Chic Patterns.

2014-06-29 16.46.06

Oh but before we start, maybe we should have a glass of Manhattan (the link take you to Capital Chic Patterns website).  In one glass, you  will find some: whisky, sweet vermouth, Angostura Bitters, orange peel and a cherry. Yummy! A tad strong but tasty! Smile

Did not take me long to fall in love with Sally’s designs. 

I particularly love the Manhattan skirt out of all the patterns.  In fact  I have  a crush on view A. It is so me!  So although I already have a lot of other projects that need to be finished, this jumped straight to the top of the list.

For my skirt I used a synthetic soft furnishings fabric that looks like leather, which has been in my stash since forever. I got it in one of the ‘Lucky Dip’ box  (now that’s what they were called when I bought ten, now they have two dress fabric and household fabric) that Abakhan sells online for a bargain price.


The fabric was a dream to work with, except for pressing it. Had to be careful not to melt it. Which means I had trouble in  pressing seams open.  The instructions are clear  and easy to follow. So although Sally advised they are for the advanced sewer, I think  a beginner who is confident in making easy patterns, will have no trouble making this skirt. The hardest bit that needs  a bit of attention is the front split.

I had so much fun making the skirt. It fitted straight of the envelope. No I mean of the printer.  So happy I don’t need to do any adjustments. I do suggest as the back of the skirt is a bit short that if you are a tall lady, to consider lengthening the back so that the skirt does not ride up to high. I am only petite so  mine was spot on. I would not want it any shorter than that. ‘’ Note to self – when wearing this skirt remember not to bend down, you might flash something: ha ha ha!! 2014-06-29 09.47.58

I did have to be careful when I made up the lining for the front to make sure it was the mirror of the front made out of fashion fabric. Good think Sally make  a note of this on the instructions, because knowing me, I would have managed to make it up the other way around and ‘Best friend’ the Unpick would have been needed. Also I decided to go with an exposed zip, but omitted the grosgrain. As I did not have any that matched my skirt I had to wait until I got to Minerva Crafts the next day. Not sorry as the zip I picked up there was just perfect for my skirt.  

Never used an exposed zip before so I decided to pick one that was similar colour to the fabric, just in case I messed it up.  I always had the impression that exposed zips are harder to get on than normal zips. I could not have been any more wrong.  So will I will incorporate them into more of my projects. IMG_0700

Once I have made my first Manhattan skirt, I decided that I will make more of them, in different fabrics, with contrasting zip and grosgrain ribbon. Just need to find the right  fabrics.


simona 1

PS: only after  seeing these pictures I have realised The skirt was  a bit off. The slit normally sits a bit more on the left leg. Gee dizzy lady.



  1. Thank you, been wearing it yesterday and feels great. Still have a lot of that fabric if you want i can bring you some when I come to London 🙂

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