Minerva Crafts Meet-Up June 2014


Waw! What a day!

It almost started badly. I arrived in time to the train station! However, I managed to get myself to the wrong line.  As you do! I was to busy twitting Sally of   Http://charityshopchic.net/. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.  Only to realise that my train was not on the board (Good thing that I knew what time it was supposed to be there) and no announcements were made that the train was late. So, when I asked, I was not surprised when the controller told me that I am waiting at the wrong line. UPS! More, the train was due any minute.  Confused smile  I hoped I won’t miss the train with me being at the station and all. Not unheard of though!  So I had to actually run to the other side of the station to the correct line to catch the train. A bit of exercise never killed anyone did it?  Besides the Bolton train station is not that big, lucky for me Smile.

So, out of breath got onto the train. Hardly anyone on it, except for some of the fabulous Spooletts ! Smile. Follow the link if you want to know more about them Smile http://www.sewdixielou.com/2013/11/introducing-spoolettes.html  A chat and about 20 minutes later, we made it to Darwen! And a fab day started!


Gorgeous Vicki, made my day a super day!  It seems the idea of this day started with me! Yey! Really me! I could not believe it when she told me. She even remembered what I bought on that day last year that started it all. It seems that when I asked if during the Members’ meetings (they have one in Summer and one in Winter) the lovely ladies from their Blogger Network come as well! And it would be so cool to meet them! And my comment did not disappear into the Universe, it actually became a reality today, with the hard work put in by everyone involved in organising it.

I am still on a high since this morning when Vicki mentioned it to me. I was quite happy to be in the presence of such talented ladies. But this,  kind of made me feel honoured to know them even more and made me proud that I contributed to this event, by inspiring someone !! Double pat on my shoulder !! Smile

The day was just fabulous, I met old friends I made while in London, made new ones! We even made some plans of organising some more shopping days here in the north! Smile Just such as lovely day! Now looking forward to seeing the big reveal! See what great makes the Blogger Network girls made just for today Smile.

I loved every minute of it!  Think I am now addicted to Meet-ups looking forward to the next one! Won a teddy in the tombola. Poor Teddy was a victim of the English weather! it was soaking wet by the time I made it home. Sad smile. Got some patterns and a little bit of fabric ! Well, you did not think I would leave the place without any, now did you? !!!

Here are a few pics from the day!

2014-06-14 13.05.012014-06-14 13.06.29


simona 1



  1. Looks like a fab day! And well done for being the inspiration. That’s so cool! Do you think they will make it a regular thing? I couldn’t go this time but would love to go if they did it next year too.

    • I hope they will. Vicki seems to want another onw next year.
      I 😊 was so honoured to hear I gave Vicki the idea!

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