Sporty Summer Sewathon hosted by Did you make that!

didyoumakethatKaren from Did you make that! is hosting the Sporty Summer Sewathon and I thought it would be fun to join in. I mean plenty of time until the deadline, 6 July 2014, right!

If you click on the picture you will be taken to Karen’s post, that gives details and some ideas of what you  could make. She also has some great prizes as well! And no,  I am not doing it for the prizes, just in case you were wondering! Smile

It should be easy, I think. But that only after I find what to make. It’s so hard to  decide. I set myself an extra challenge not to buy anything and only use what I have except maybe zips, buttons or thread.  Wonder if I am making this harder for myself? Hmm… We will see.

imageSo I dug up my magazine and pattern stash and started looking through while having a drink! Yep! Maybe not such a good idea to look for something while your brain is swimming in alcohol vapours! In the morning one might forget what was she up to Smile.

Although I like Karen’s suggestion for the tennis dresses and culottes, I don’t have patterns for them, not that I could find in my drunken state anyway, and not supposed to buy any! So, I decided to go for some shorts and a top. So my search begun. I managed to narrow it down to a handful of patterns. 

I kind of like them all, but I also need to keep in mind that they would need to be comfortable to wear while doing some exercise. Hm… 

These are my picks: first four are from Burda Style magazine, second row second pic if from Sewing World magazine (simplicity pattern), then followed by Patrones and last one you can see on the picture.

2014-05-29 10.24.122014-05-29 10.24.192014-05-29 10.24.382014-05-29 10.24.272014-05-29 10.25.012014-05-29 10.24.432014-05-29 10.25.20

Which one to make? That is the question! And then another hard part will be to find the right fabric in the stash I already have! No shopping allowed!! At list that’s what I tell myself, for now! Winking smile

Which pattern would you choose?

Would you pick something else that’s not on my list? Any suggestions welcome, you  never know with me,  might ditch the original plan and go shopping again!!!

simona 1


  1. The second pair would be the easiest to wear, but I do love me some bows and buttoned waistbands 🙂

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