NYLON14 and Brasilia Dress

When Rachel from House of Pinheiro  announced the Meet-up for this year, I could not help it and booked my train tickets. And it was worth it!  However, I missed the tag swap that Rachel organised Sad smile. Seen some lovely tags around on that day.


Here is the link:  #NYLon14 round up post to that Rachel put on her blog with details of people who came to the meet-up (we were in total a whopping 72 persons) .  Lovely Kitty Wong took the pictures from the meet-up ( the pictures from that day that I put on this post are under the copyright so please respect than and do not copy them  also  I liked them back to her Flickr album. So please follow the links to see more pictures from the meet up if you  wish)

We started at V&A Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum) one of the largest museums! We did not see much of it as we  were to interested in getting to know each other! But now it is on my list of places to go back for a closer inspection Smile.  I heard that lunch here is tasty and does not cost an arm and a leg! So will have to go for lunch there as well. They have a great exhibit now until the March 2015 on wedding dresses. I got to see that!

I met some friends  from last year when I met Amity from Lolita Patterns, but also  made new friends. It was my pleasure to finally meet Karen  from Did you make that? (I bet she felt that I was a bit like a stalker when I started asking about her dog or job – but we did have a lovely time), or Rachel aka House of Pinheiro (she is such a sweetheart and kind lady ready to help anytime is she can). I felt the day was gone before I even had  a chance to  speak to more of the participants, because speaking to all would have required a week at least.  But I always enjoy the ladies behind the blogs I  like to read. Wish I could have talked to more people that day! I even met a fellow Romanian, Geo. She was so lovely! But by the end of the day I missed getting her details. So if you are reading this Geo, please get in touch, I’d love to meet next time I am in London visiting my mum  Smile.

nylon14 pic

NYLon pic1

nylon14 pic2

Luckily I was to busy talking away, so I did not do the usual damages buying fabric, so my stash is save only managed to leave the place with 3 pieces of fabric Smile. Also the fact I can go when next in London helped Smile.

And some of you might have recognised the dress I am wearing (I thought it would make Rachel feel good, seeing her dress there). Yes, it is the Brasilia dress that Rachel designed and offers for free on http://www.kollabora.com/.  As my horizontal measurements are similar to hers it was  a piece of cake to adjust the pattern and make it my own. Its such a comfy dress. Been wearing it a lot since I finished it, a good few months ago.


I am already planning to make another one but in a solid colour for the main body and maybe patterned fabric for the insets. Might even be tempted to insert a pocket  at the side seam.

simona 1



  1. I have seen a few patterns for those dresses. I haven’t had a chance to make one yet. They sure look good – just like an optical illusion!

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