2 x Brigitte–The Dress and the Scarf

While reading Tilly’s blog – http://www.tillyandthebuttons.com/–  last year she announced her first book! Seemed like forever  until one could pre-order it and even longer to get it. But it finally arrived last week.

I ordered mine on Amazon, but now I wished I got it form Tilly’s shop so I can get a signed copy. But I am thinking of taking it with me on Saturday when I go to the meet up organised by Rachel from House of Pinheiro. Maybe Tilly will come and she won’t mind signing my copy. Smile 


Mystery Giveaway goodies

Also, if you follow me on Twitter you probably found out that I was the lucky winner  of  ‘The Mystery Giveaway’ organised by lovely Janene who blogs at OOOBOP!  She sent me loads of goodies! Oh thank you! thank you!  I already dived into the fabric and made the first project in Tilly’s Book. It took me less then 1 h to do it.  I skimmed through the instructions and made my own adjustments. I decided to make my pattern longer a total of 20 cm on the finished scarf because I want to be able to use it as a belt sometimes as well.

I chose the scarf  as  my first make from the book because it went viral on twitter and I wanted to show off mine  as well. I also needed a quick make, as recently it has taken me forever to finish my projects. It even got me into writing mode as well.  Good on you Tilly! You  got my mojo back with your book! The book is lovely. I love all the patterns. My next make from her book is going to be the  Mimi blouse.  Just need to decide on the fabric!  Maybe even some sequins for the shoulder  and collar? What do you think? Should I dare try working with sequined fabric? I wonder how much trouble you  that be??!!

Once I make more projects from the book I intend to do a more detailed book review to talk a bit more about the structure of the book,what I love about  it and what I don’t like  about it, if anything. 

Some time ago I got an email announcing a new sewing magazine! At  first I said maybe no.. No more subscriptions! Got enough magasines to keep me busy a life time! I will wait to see what it’s all about ! Then they released the first cover and gave some more info about the magasine and included a really good offer on getting  a subscription. I mean how to say no to free patterns? And other lovely gifts, in each issue? ! I couldn’t  say  no! And curiosity took the better of me. So I got it and I love it!!! The first issue did not disappoint! I love the dress on the cover. Another thing I  love about it is that it offers patterns from Simple Sew Patterns.  Already looking forward to see the next  issue, the blouse the offer looks nice. The next issue is coming out in June. (It seems I am on a top pattern craze. I seems to like them all and more important, I want them all)

Have you seen that Bow clutch? That’s another project I want to make out of the first.

But until then, my first make from Love Sewing was the Brigitte dress.  I got my hands on a similar fabric as on the cover dress. I’ve been swooning about this kind of dress/top for a while. But always thought about matching the lines and I was not to taken by  this idea. But the dress on the cove of the magasine did it for me. So here I am using stripes for the first time. And guess what, it did not take forever to match the stripes. I am quite impressed with the result!! Go Gadget Go !! (Sorry could not help myself…). 

If you fancy making your own Brigitte and need some help there’s  a Sewalong at – Thread Carefully http://threadcarefully.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/love-sewing-magazine-simple-sew-brigitte-dress-sewalong/.

I skipped the zip in the back, because my jersey has a good stretch, and does not need the opening provided by the zip.  I took out the seam allowance and cut the back on fold the same as the front. I drew some guiding lines on the paper pattern so that I can match the stripes. I did not try to hard though!  As as result on the left the lines are a perfect match and on the right just a tad mismatched, but you have to really look.  I wanted to do the whole project on the overlocker but the darn knife is blunt and just eats fabric. More, I cant bloody change the knife because the screw does not want to move. So I need help! The kind  a gentleman can give! So after a failed  attempt to use it, I had to use the sewing machine and then use the overclocker to clean the seams but not cut into them. Sad smile. Oh well! It happens! I will get it sorted at some point. For the hem I used the triple zig zag stitch! Looks cute when it crosses into the navy blue.

Brigitte Scarf and Dress

Overall I love the dress. Although I cut the size suggested for my waist and hips, normally  I need  a FBA, I chose not to do one, I find the dress a tad to big. I suspect that is because my fabric has a lot more stretch than the one suggested by the pattern. 

Brigitte Dress and Scarf

I have enough fabric left to make a top out of Brigitte dress. I will however lengthen the sleeve and add a cuff! super easy to to Smile.  Also Brigitte scarf will be perfect to making quick  presents !

simona 1


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