Work in Progress–a coat

Another muslin I have made recently it for the lovely coat pattern that Colette has – Lady Grey. I have been eying it for some time. And after seeing some lovely versions on the internet I took the leap and ordered the pattern. I spent a lot of time to print (printer decided to  have a fit while printing this pattern) and then piecing it together.

The coat is great. I really love it, but the sleeves are  a bit short and wide.  Also around the blogosphere  some ladies complained about the collar being a bit to big on a  petite person. So I decided a muslin is in order.

Waw! Two of them in one month, now I can no longer say I don’t ever do muslins. I wanted to test the jacket with different sleeves. The original one and thought a size 10 sleeve from Spearmint from Lolita Patterns.

I slaved for hours drawing the stitching line on the paper patterns and then tracing it on muslin and adding 2.5cm seam allowance. I then in a hurry put the coat together, and added the sleeves!  I tried it on.

grey sleeve muslin

I like both sleeves though. I could lengthen the original sleeve by 3 – 4 inches.  But feel it does not suit me. The more fitted sleeves tend to be better. I only needed to and from elbow to armscye about 1 cm for more comfort.

2014-02-23 19.15.03I will be making two coats. One for me with  a wacky lining inside and once with delicate lining for my mum.  The coat will be a summer or autumn coat so I will not be wearing with loads of layers underneath  so keeping with the fitted sleeve I shall be ok I think. These are the fabrics I will be using.

simona 1



    • Thank You! Trying to get my courage now to actually Make it. Just distracting myself with other projects so it might take a while. 😉

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