Gifts for the little ones–episode 2

It seems everyone around me is having babies! Gee there is  pressure, but I will not fall.

It is not that I do not want children, but you  know so many things in the way.

Anyhow, this is to share another little gift I have made for a dear friend and her baby boy. He was born just a few weeks ago so plenty of time until  she will be able to use the gift.

I did not want to be boring and do another baby quilt so this time I went for something different. I made her some bibs. 

Because I did not know how big or small to make them, I google-ed and found two sweet blogs that had tutorials on how to make one.  If you click on the link it will take you  to their tutorials : The little Fabric Blog and Heather Bailey Slobber Monkey Baby Bib2013-12-27 21.29.14

pageI had some left over fabric from the pyjama pants I made for my brother (still to blog about). The tutorials suggested for the back of the bib to use some sweater fabric so I got some baby blue one.  It was  so easy to make.  The thing that gave me some trouble, were actually the poppers, they took me forever to put in, after waiting for them to arrive.

I made her six of them Smile. Three of each! With a combination of fabrics and sizes. Did not want her to think I want to make the little one like motorbikes Smile.

I once I cut the first bib I used it as a pattern for the next ones and the facing to save some time. Smile

It did not take long to make them. Now I think they are such as cute little present for mums to be. Once can also add trims to them to make them even more lovable Red heart.

In the absence of a baby, I used my teddy as a model for the pictures. Looks like it is swimming in both bibs. ups! But then, they are not for it! Open-mouthed smile


I  hope my friend likes them and will use them! Next step when it comes to kids’ clothing might be  a little dress or dungarees! Mmm… yet more projects added to my list!!! Think I need the day to be like 40 hours long.

simona 1


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