Gifts for the little ones

So, with so many of my friends expecting their little ones I decided that it is time to try making them some little gifts.

This was a great opportunity to try some quilting. I did not dare tackle a larger project. Just think how long it would take to cut all the pieces needed.

No, for me, it was best to try something little enough, to see results fast. A big project would only hinder my motivation to even try. Well that’s is what has kept me from any attempts so far.

So after a bit of research on Craftsy I managed to find this little baby quilt project – Daisy Baby Quilt -, which I thought was perfect for my first quilting project. And since at the time I found out the girls were pregnant we did not know if the babies were to be boys or girls I could only pick something neutral.

Oh you can’t imagine the torture I suffered cutting all the bits for the darn thing. I have no idea how seasoned quilters manage. It takes forever before one can see any results. At first I really thought I will not finish them in time. But since I already committed to it, I had to do it.

So I armed myself with a lot of patience and carried on! You know the saying ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’. Well for me it was more like ‘Keep Calm and Quilt On’. I spent a lot of time sewing little bits and cutting them and sewing again, over and over.

I had fun playing around with the little blocks when deciding where to put them on my baby quilt. It also gave me an idea of how my finished project would look like.

Only after my little squares were ready and started putting together the little tiny blocks, I actually enjoyed and seen how the little quilt is coming together. But Gee… it just took forever. And you need to be darn exact otherwise the lines aren’t straight and do not look right. But then I think it is just me, who knows a few pieces were not perfectly cut.

Any how the joining of the quilt was not as bad as cutting everything. Maybe next time I will just someone to cut everything for me or pick big enough blocks that do not require too much cutting effort on my part. :).

I made the two quilts in matching colours one with more brown and the other with more elephants 🙂 Also for the topstitching I used different threads because I wanted the thread to blend in not make contrast and attract attention. Something told me that the quilting part of the project will not go as smooth especially the first time around.

And of course the little Bella decided to test how comfortable the quilt is right in the middle of me getting the edge finished. In fairness, I did go down to the kitchen to get something to eat and a hot drink. Overall my little projects were pretty good, considering it was my first time quilting. I did do a few mistakes,like maybe I should have bought some fabric adehsive to stich the three layers of the quilt before quilting them together, so that the bottom layer wont move. But now I know. The main thing was that the young mothers liked presents so that its more important. 🙂

I did enjoy making these little quilts, but cutting the fabric was the most tedious part and so far I am not sure if I will be ready to tackle anther little project like this any time soon.



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