Let me Introduce Fabulous Spearmint of Lolita Patterns

Some of you remember that I was talking about making my first coat. Well it’s been ready for a while but it was a big ‘secret’. That is because I was testing the new pattern from Lolita Patterns.

envelope-frontSpearmint is a fabulous coat. Only seeing the drawings for the coat I just fell in love with it. Amity you rock!!! Keep them coming lovely. Your style is my favourite! 

Only a few days after I sent Amity an email telling her I am interested in testing patterns for her, I received the  email for this coat. At first I was a bit scared to take on this project because I have never made a coat before and always thought it is pretty hard to make one.  But then it was also  the fact that I offered to help. So I thought how hard can it be?

Well I love my finished coat. Except a few minor errors on my part, that you  cant even see if you don’t know where to look it is perfect!!!


Once I decided that I will make view A of it I started shopping around for fabric for it. The pattern envelope suggests wool, blends. But I am sure it would be wonderful on some other coat fabrics. I used wool blend. I even went on  a trip to MinervaCrafts shop in Darwin, UK. Oh it is so nice  there everyone is very helpful.  It was  a bit tough to find my fabric, as I was not sure what I wanted. I knew it had to be a bright colour but not to bright. And most wool fabrics are white, black, grey or brown. All a bit to boring for me. But when I saw it I knew I wanted it. Finding the fabric for the lining was easier.  Also from MinervaCrafts

I really loved making my coat! Hot smile

Amity advises her patterns are of intermediate difficulty. However, I found that her clear instructions make the construction quite easy.  I mean, is is really that easy to make coats? Can’t believe it took me so long to even try making one.

I will be using it as a overcoat only as I can’t add bulk  for it and as you  can see the front is a bit open. But it does not matter. It’s my fancy coat or  spring coat.

I am a bit unhappy with the bound button hole I made, but not because of poor instructions. It was my own 2013-11-06 16.02.11fault. I so love the idea of using organza to practically reduce bulk. Well there isn’t any. On my next Spearmint (yes I will be making another one as soon as I find the perfect  fabric) I will cut a bigger organza piece as it frayed a lot and maybe stabilise the edges with fray stop solution. No one will see it any way. I should have thought of using colour matching organza for it, but if I would have followed the instructions and made the button hole first as a test on a scrap fabric no one you have been none the wiser. Anyways, Amity  gave me a great tip use a marker to colour the bit of the organza that peeps out and voila. Not so obvious. Also  when the front flounces were not laying flat, Amity suggested to iron and steam them down. And it worked. They are still down after a few months Smile.

On some parts i have topstitched the seams to make them lay flat. I would have done them all if  I could have. The sleeves were a bit to thin, so hard to get under the machine. Managed to to the other seams. Also no topstitching on the collar as there is too much bulk and my  machine didn’t like it. But regardless. My jacket is superb. 

Oh and I should not forget that although instructions make the construction really easy, one should  also pay attention not to sew together right side with wrong side, as I did, because the familiar unpick has to be used again. There is no way I am making a project without having to use one. Shifty

2013-12-14 21.29.58

2013-11-08 10.47.132013-11-06 15.59.35

2013-10-29 20.57.12

I shall make another one, but will go one size up to make some room for  a layer or to. I don’t always go around wearing sleeveless tops or dresses. ha ha!!! Anyhow I know that Amity made some changes to the test pattern, to make it even better.

Oh and have you  seen all the other superb versions of the coat made by other testers? Follow the link on the picture to have a look. Smile 









Spearmint is $22, or in a limited three pack set for the holidays, meaning all three patterns (Sugar Plum, Gunmetal, and Spearmint) for $52.  Also during the presale  Spearmint 15%  off until  tonight. You might still  be in time if you hurry.  Amity is selling hair canvas, the 1 ¼ yard needed for the pattern for $11 (at $8.80 /yard ) if you can’t get it locally. 

And there’ll be a sewalong in February so you’ll always have an online reference when you’re ready to tackle your own Spearmint coat.


simona 1



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