I Love Sewing/Crafty Meet-ups

2013-11-19 09.40.28I know I am a bit late sharing this with you. But you know stuff some times gets in the way.

When I found out Amity  from Lolita Patterns is coming to London I thought it would be great if I can get there at the same time and meet her. So  I was pleased when plans came together and I visited my mum, who lives in London during the same time.

After we arranged to meet Amity(Lolita Patterns) told me that I won her Sugar Plum dress  contest. I was so happy. Some of them I am already using them. The sewing stuff I mean of course in making her Sugar Plum dress I purchased some time ago.  Indeed I am going through a purple phase so buttons and zip landed right in time.

Lovely Clare from  Sew Dixie Lov has made some arrangements for Amity  to meet with some lovely crafty ladies from London and I got into the fold  as well more I kind of invited myself to their meeting.

I ended up there on Monday afternoon, and I did not get the chance to meet Rachel from House of Pinhiero who met Amity earlier that day Sad smile. My only contacts were Clare’s mobile number (that I saved into my phone wrong – no wonder I could not get through)  and Amity’s twitter details (which she could only access when she had WI FI). So once I  got into London I dumped my luggage with my mum who met me at the Euston train station I made my way to Berwick St in London. Wondered about for an hour trying to figure out where the girls are.  I even  went into a fabric shop and scared a shop assistant asking about them. But no luck. Just when I was about to give up and leave I have seen Rachel’s picture on Instagram  from Liberty Store. Yeah…. I was so happy to see the it was so close to where I was. So  happy again Smile I went into Liberty shop which by  the way is impressive, from  the little I saw of it. And found them. I actually first recognised Emmie from Vintage Ink Fairy.  I was so happy …. finally I have made it to my first Sewing meet-up Smile Smile

Managed to get a few little things from Liberty  Store but cannot share because one of them is a Xmas present and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  We just went shopping then for a few cocktails which I loved and then for a meal. Although it was a Monday and except me and Amity all the other lovely ladies were working I had a great day and the turnout was great.  When it the next  meet-up ?  I am coming. … I wish there more ladies around Manchester so I could meet them Smile. Any how the good part is I am less than  an hour away from Minerva Crafts shop in Darwin. Which I have not told you already, is my favourite fabric shop. Can’t wait for the December meeting exclusive to members Smile.

It was fabulous to also meet: Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher, Alison from Another Little Crafty Creation, Sally from Charity Shop Chic, Nicole from Nicole Needles and Hannah from sinbadandsailor.com.

Most damage I did the next day when me and Amity ended up at the famous Walthamstow Market. We  used Karen’s (Did you make that?) instructions to get there. At first we were a bit disappointed as Karen told us not all shops are open on Tuesday. Sunday is the best day to shop there for fabrics that is! But we did manage to find a few. And I did some damage. Got some good fabrics.   And by now you are probably bored by all this rent here are the  fabrics:


Oh and I almost forgot about the Sugar Plum dress pattern from Amity – Lolita Patterns 


Now I am trying to finish the dress in time for the Sugar Plum Contest.

Better get sewing Smile

simona 1



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