Lovely surprise received a few weeks ago!!! and Happy Halloween!!

Some time ago after I had my first giveaway. Well I was very disappointed on the response and almost decided to give up on blogging. The thing was that  I had like five patterns I knew I will no use so I though it would be nice to pass them on to someone. However only two lovely ladies took  the time to comment: Karen from Pillow-a-la-mode and Michelle form  Create Sew Quit!

  But  thanks to both Karen and Michelle I got some confidence back and remembered by I started the blog in the first place: to  share and more to make a record for myself of my projects. And if in the process other crafters find my thoughts interesting the better.

However, the reason for this post is to share with you the patterns that Michelle (Create Sew Quit) sent me.  2013-10-31 14.24.432013-10-31 14.24.50First one the Butterick one could see straightway what is was a lovely vintage suit dress. My favourite one is view B but with long sleeves. Think it might look really good in red wool fabric. Smile

Second one  the Wiksten Tova top. Well that was a surprise! All I knew when I ripped the envelope, yes I actually did that, was that it was a top .  I was so curious of what the top looked like that I have immediately searched the internet for it. and managed to it not straightaway, but it did not take long. Michelle sent me the pattern printed so I will need to play ‘Pattern puzzle’ to put it together. All my PDF patterns are ‘Pattern puzzle’ games for me Smile. She did not include any instructions  with the pattern. But no worries, I figured that there must be out there on the sewing internet community,  which I cannot believe is so huge, a sewalong for it. You  always find one for almost any independent patterns!  As you can see from the picture I found at So I am safe.

I love both patterns! HUGE THANK YOU MICHELLE!  (Create Sew Quit)

Oh gee! My list of project to do is ever getting  bigger and bigger! Sometimes I wonder when will I make them?! Especially since I also have a bug for computer games as well,  on which I spend far to much time. Hence me not being so on top of my sewing and blogging. By the way, I’d better go check what my Sims are doing…..

simona 1

PS: If you are not  already reading Karen (Pillow-a-la-mode) and Michelle’s (Create Sew Quit) blogs, maybe you would like to go have a look. they both  come up with really lovely projects and always have interesting stuff to share.



    • Oh.. Thank you so much! Feels great receiving positive feedback on stuff I make/ write. I also love reading many blogs as well.

  1. I had not found you yet or I would have commented! Looks like I missed out on a great give-away. My first few giveaways I did not get many commentors. I want to say THREE if I remember correctly. I remember being a little down about it but it worked out. My year anniversary I had about 20 enter! … Great looking pattern. I look forward to seeing it made up! ~Your new follower, Laurie 🙂

  2. Thank you for the shout out for Pillows A-La-Mode, Simona! That’s really sweet. I love my patterns . . . and the ones Michelle sent you are just lovely! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Katherine

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