Pillow Cases

2013-10-11 13.40.49I had a huge bed sheet, that I could not really use on my bed because its Super King size and it just does not get covered property. It always gets crinkled of the bed, which annoys me big time. So  since now I have like four pillows I decided to use it to make some matching pillow cases to match the original set.

So I started with one of the pillow cases.  I used it  as a template for my new pillowcases.  It was pretty easy to decide I need to cut a piece about two  and a half longer than the finished pillow case and used a seam allowance that is huge – 2 cm for comfort.

Once I cut my pieces I hemmed the short ends of my pillow case that will end up at he opening. I turned over 0.5 inch  and pressed in, then turn it over again to enclose the raw edge in. Did so on both ends.

pillowcase hemThen ironed it again!  Once that was done I continued by folding the fabric right sides together to create toe shape of the pillowcase.  Again I used the original pillowcase as a template  and pinned in place to make sure the fabric layers do not move. Smile  After that I machine stitched both  sides of the pillowcase. Pressed the seams and cut the corners so that when turned to the right side we have a perfect corner Smile.

pillowcase corners

Once this was taken care of, I just turned it to the right side and ironed the edges to lay flat. The original pillowcase has a 1  1/5 inch border so I needed to repeat that on my newly made pillowcases as well.  I used my seam gauge to  make sure I am sewing it at the right distance from the edge. It was super easy with painter’s tape. pillowcase edges


Over all I think my pillowcases are better than the original ones Smile. And I have enough fabric left to make a pair of pyjama pants and hopefully a  little a top to match.

Imagine that matching your pyjamas to your bed set. Is that a bit much not? Well I don’t care, I just want  use  the fabric for something I will be using. And if that means going OTT and match my bed, then I will do it. ….. Winking smilesimona 1



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