Iron board cover

It all started with a pin from Pinterest of course.  Now I deleted it, I know what I am doing now, and I can’t find it anymore. However if you fancy making a new cover for your ironing board head over to Pinterest  and do a search. You  will find plenty of links to lovely tutorials.  They are so many that  I have given up searching for the one that first inspired me.

My two former covers that I was using alternately were horrible. So after  a long time postponing it and being fed up  of looking at my ugly ironing board,  I have purchased some thermal wadding and I finally made a new cover.

2013-09-18 14.42.55

So I turned over the board, after removing the old cover and traced around it. Then I added about  5 cm seam allowance. I cut this in main fabric, thermal wadding and fleece, which I used for lining as suggested in the Pinterest link.

2013-09-25 13.04.04 I stay stitched each layer and then I decided that I know better  and picked a piece of elastic and over locked it place.  As you  can see it is not pretty. But I thought none will see it.  Not even me, unless I am putting the board up side down. More the elastic will cause tension over the top of the board  and I every thing is fine. 

2013-09-25 13.03.49But no such luck, once I put it on the board, it fit! But it was to loosed as the elastic was to long. So the was no way I would have used the ironing board efficiently and without problems. It had so many wrinkles and it would not stay on. I just hate it! What a waste….

But then I started thinking of how I could fix it??? There was no chance for me to unpick the overlocking? No bloody way! I am not that patient!  So what could I do to  fix this? .. There wasn’t enough fabric left if i were to cut the whole edge off. And with all the layers I thought I will not have enough to create   a casting to pull a string through.

So I did the next thing. I used eyelets and put some ribbon though and fixed it that way. 2013-09-29 16.52.34

It did not take me long to set in place about 15 eyelets. Finally I was  using them again. Added the ribbon and tied it  underneath  the board.

And problem fixed!!! I have  a lovely new ironing board cover which I like Smile

2013-09-29 17.02.44

2013-10-01 09.23.58

Chuffed that although at first I stuffed it up, in the end I managed to save my little project!!!!simona 1



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