Sewing Bee pillows

Remember when  I said that I did not have any projects that are ready. Well that is not true. I do have a few.

2013-08-17 11.11.18In April when the big craze about ‘The Great British Sewing Bee was going on, I could not but help to get my own copy of the book that came with the BBC programme.  I got my book from Amazon – Sewing bee book. And while a bit disappointed it did not have all the patterns in. A bit of an annoyance that we need to create an account to download them. But that does not mean you can’t make a few of the projects without having a pattern. The BBC website has a lot of information and videos on how to make the projects showcased in the book.

I cant wait until the new series is out. Compared with the American Runway programme presented by Heidi Klum, I prefer the format of the Sewing Bee. So down to earth!

I got the book months ago and as there are some projects you do not really need to print a pattern, such as the cushion covers. So I got inspired and made load of them, think they are 9. Being to lazy to go downstairs and count them. Ha ha.

As you  can imagine my pillows were not same size as the one in the book. So with a little math, I changed the dimensions for the fabric needed. the only think I  left the same was for he ties.  Smile


It was a lot of fun for me to make them. Loads of cutting and matching seams. The blue fabric was a pain to work with in combination with the really thin contrasting fabric. That  was because, silly me, matched different weights of fabric. Upholstery and sheeting fabric do not go together very well, especially if you want same length pieces to  match size when you sew them together.  But the double sided steam a seam helped a lot Smile!! So glad  I invested in some.

I will probably make some more, but at the minute I am running low on pillows in need of a cover,  and I do not really want to fill my house with pillows.

simona 1


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