My Craftsy classes and what I think of them–paid classes

Oh, yes, I am a fan of Craftsy. Love the fact that they offer classes for life. So I buy my classed, signed up  for some free mini classed as well.

titleCardI am mostly interested in the classes that give tips about  fitting, especially before you even cut  your fabric. On this line  when Joi Mahon’s Fast-Track Fitting class became available I was so interested as it meant I could learn to adapt my patterns at paper stage, since I am lazy  and nota very big fan of making muslin after muslin to get the best fit.  Her explanations are simple and made the whole process seem easy. I always thought fitting patterns is hard so I just avoided it.  I have learnt  during my process of fitting the Vogue 1004 pattern included with the class that need to reduce the back and for the bust I need a full bust adjustments with most pattern. Also as I am only 157 cm (or 5 foot 2) I also need to reduce the length of the bodice, in the area between my neck and bust. Also a surprising adjustment was that I needed to lengthen the skirt between waist line and hips by about 2 cm and reduce the knee hem line by 5 cm. Made muslin already, but need some help to take the pictures. The fit seems ok. Skipped the insertion of the sleeves. And the zip I used is on the The videos are well structured and easy to follow. An added bonus is also that if you have any questions Joi can answer them or other sewists enrolled in the class.

titleCard1Another class on my board is Angela Wolf’s Tailoring Ready-To –Wear . The class is easy to  follow. Angela also shows each step in altering clothing. The explanations are clear. However, I was a bit disappointed with  the class because I expected a larger variety of possible alterations. However  she covers the most commonly needed alterations: gaping back on pants, replacing hidden zips, shortening/ lengthening hems,etc.  I have used the skills shown during the class to alter some pants. Love her attitude towards alterations. Guess because she has so much experience, it is easy to eye ball most needed alterations. Basically her approach is flexible and makes anyone willing to try confident that  they  will have a good result in the end.


titleCard2My first Craftsy class was actually Susan Khalje’s class The Couture Dress. It comes with Vogue Easy 8648 pattern. I have already watched all the classed.  And I have learnt so much. You  can apply all the tips and tricks Susan gives during the class to a large variety of projects.  In fact this applies to most classes on Craftsy.

I have no excuse for not making the dress with this  class. Probably my laziness might have contributed a little. However, not that I have learnt so much form Joi’s  Fast-Track Fitting class I can make main adjustments on the paper pattern.  Yes , it is on my to do list of projects, just not high enough.

titleCard3Angela’s other class on Craftsy is Creative Serging  Beyond the Basics. I am ashamed to say that I only skimmed through the classes. One main thing, I love the Cover stitch machine. I entertained the idea of getting one, but they are a bit out of my price range and for a hobby I cannot let myself spend so much money on one. If I had a business in this area, it would surely have been a good investment. Maybe one day.  New things I learn from this is not to be afraid of my overlocker/serger. Had no idea that I could get zips in with one. I do now though Winking smile.

Sew Better, Sew FasterThen Janet Pray got her class: Sew Better, Sew Faster:  Garment Industry Secrets. At first I had no intention to yet get another class, but Craftsy had a sale on and this  class was part of it. I am so glad I got it. Who doesn’t want to speed up the processes in making one’s projects. Sewing with no pins, taking the shortest way from start to finish possible, getting a professional finish. Well I am one of those people.

So how about you, are  you  on Craftsy?

What are your favourite classes?

Do you wait until classes go on sale or get them straight away?

I’d love to know your thoughts about online classes?

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