Back, but with no finished projects

I am back, hopefully this time won’t take me forever to share with you my makes.

Since my last post, I have been sewing, but unfortunately none of the projects are ready, just half way there.

I have signed up for a few more Craftsy classes, bought some more patterns and some sewing tools. Nothing new on that part. The good thing is that I have been sewing more than usual. Well just a little. I still continue to do most sewing online. By that I mean I read blogs and spend more time than I should on Pintrest.

Here are a few photos of the projects and classes I am working on.

Fast Fitting

Baby quilt Bed runner

For now I will share a few bits of my on-going projects. Some  are presents so you will only get a teaser for now.

In the following days will share with you  the patterns I acquired recently, my Craftsy classes, some of my future projects and some of  the stuff I would like to  have patterns, books, etc.

Bye for now,  and thanks for reading.

simona 1


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