Summer is coming !!

hi, just managed to delete the post i just wrote so i have to start again. ;-( oh well. thanks for bearing with me. there are a number of reasons why i have not been to active. among them my pc that is ancient is playing up, i was not so inspired to write and having to use the ipad does not make ame very happy.

so what have i been up to lately? i have been sewing a little, managed to finish a couple of dresses, loads of pillowcases and some robes.

at the beginning of may i went with some friends from work to a craft show in manchester. initially i promised myself no more buying fabric. well no such luck I have seen some great fabric i just could not leave the place without it. and i tried. i am already working on a dress using vogue pattern. it is a dress with lining, but i am trying to make it without it, so still trying to figure it out.

also my friend convinced me to try my hand at knitting again. i first learnt how to knit from my grandma. already made a little top and started another. but since not so happy with it, it ended being undone. will start again, and then i will share. i promise.

So here are a few bits that i did make lately.







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