A little refashion or re-upholstering!

When grandparents changed their living room settees, I asked if I could have their puff- chairs. They been seating and waiting for me to finally get the courage to reupholster them. Only took me over half a year. And no not having the fabric was not it, not the tools were missing. It was just I was afraid of messing it up. 😦

Once I got into it, I was wondering what took me so long. It was so easy to do it. For future when I feel like changing the colours, so easy to do 😉 ! Only need a bit of patience and time. Most time I spent on removing the staples. Oh an by the way they were two! Well they still are, just in case you were wondering!

I started with removing the hinges and then taken off the fabric covering the top of the box. For some reason I thought the soft stuff was attached to the fabric, so I was dreading the fact I might have to redo the whole thing. But that was not so. I used the old fabric to make the pattern for the new cover. It was that easy.
So love the staple gun. It is my new best friend :D. Also for the bottom due to a mistake on my part, I ended up just putting the new fabric on top of the old one and stapled it at the bottom and inside to storage box. It is not pretty, but how often will guests check the inside?

Here are some pics showing off the process.



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