Wardrobe re-fashion – T-shirt alterations

SNV33089As promised I slowly started altering items from my wardrobe that ended up being like a tent on me. So I had 8 Tees that I decided to keep and alter.

I kept a few unaltered just in case I will feel like wearing some classic Tees :).  You never know, some times i might want to just be like everyone else.

The majority of them went from Tee on left to the one one the right.

For most of them I pinned the sides and measured about 2,5cm or 1 inch and then sewed the front and back with a zig-zag stitch. After that I just cut out the excess and over-locked the raw edges. On some of them I left the neck line as it was on other’s I cut it out to create a more stylish/ feminine neck line.




This took me  a couple of days to do.

Now a left a few pairs of pants, dresses and a few skirts.  In the mean time I also need to sort out a table cloth for the dining room table, I think is about time to take of the Christmas table  cloth don’t you think?

Also the new Burda Style issue for February 2013 arrived so tomorrow I will share with you my favourites from this last issue of my annual subscription.

simona 1

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