Christmas Stockings

So this year, unlike the previous year, due to lack of sewing mojo, every one received presents, part handmade part bought.

SNV33049 As Christmas  was approaching fast and I knew I will not have time to make presents for everyone I intended, I only had one option, use my scraps to make some stockings to go with the presents.

As you  see my scrap fabric stash was quite big. To be honest, it still is. My stockings did not event put a dent in it. So will have to find some other little projects to use all that left over, that I find so hard to get rid of.


For the stoking template, I printed the free one that comes online with  ‘Homemaker’ issue no 1. I got is as a present when I I bought Sew Magazine. I printed it because I was to lazy to actually draw the shape myself.

The rest was easy.  In order to make things go a bit faster, I ended up using some of the already cut pieces to cut other pieces to make sure the pattern goes the same way. Also to make sure I have the same amount of lining pieces, each pair of stocking got out and on the lining fabric (used white for all of the them :)).










And here is the lot. I think I made 13 or 14 stockings to  go. On the top all of them, except the one that has a Christmas print has Christmassy ribbon to give it the Winter feel. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the finished ones, as I forgot. Will try and get some picture of some of the ones made, if I can convince some people to take them out of storage and let me take a few pics for you. 

It was fun to make them. Did not take long. Well for one stocking it did not take that long, but for that many,it did take me some time. You  cutting two lots  (main fabric and lining). and then sew then. Also it involved some hand sewing, as ribbon looked horrible sewn by machine so. Yeah, it was a little long project. But I hope everyone liked their stocking.

simona 1


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