Burda Style – January 2013 issue

SNV33076 One more after this one and that’s that with my one year subscription.

This issue only has like two dress patterns I like. The others are just to plane with no elegance. To simple for me and nothing to hope the future issues will be better.


I am giving up on Burda Style.




simona 1

3 thoughts on “Burda Style – January 2013 issue

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  1. Hey I really like that dress on the right! Not that, as a SAHM I have many opportunities to wear such elegant garments. I guess I could wear them to pick the kids up at school :-).

    Hmmmm – how’s the stitching mojo?

    1. 😉 thanks for the good vibes.
      Sewing mojo….. Slowly coming back to me! Well I would say I have to give it a little more push.

      Gone through my wardrobe and got rid of some stuff and loads of stuff that needs to be altered to fit the new me. Will get cracking tomorrow I hope with first ones. 😉

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