I am back! Happy New Year!!! May 2013 be a lot better than the year before.

The end of last year,  meant for me a major unwanted change in my life, which resulted in no sewing for months. I will not give details as this is a sewing blog.  The main thing is as I struggle to get a grip of myself and my life I have decided that I need to get myself back into my sewing in an attempt to build myself a new life.

As I did not sew much just the odd Christmas present not much for me to share with you.

I have however, been doing some sewing on the internet, bought another Craftsy course – Tailoring Ready-to-Wear with Angela Wolf. As following my ‘unhappy event’ I lost a lot of weight and nothing fits me anymore, I am on  a quest to alter my clothes to fit me, and I thought Angela’s course will provide some help. The ever increasing ‘To Do’ list of sewing projects is going mammoth size. Think I might need to hire some help  :).

Over the next few days I will share with you my likes from the BurdaStyle magazines I received since I stopped blogging. I have decided not to extend my subscription as one I have not made the stuff from the issues I already have; two the patterns are repeated periodically and three my pattern library is already big enough to allow me to make anything I want. So  no real reason on why to continue to pay for something I am not really going to use.

Hopefully my decision to start blogging again will help me overcome my hardships and help me get myself back on track. 🙂

Thank you  so much for your patience and hope that soon I will have some projects ready to share with you lovely readers.

simona 1


    • Thank you, I will try really hard not to fall away again. Just need to keep strong. And you guys are helping me a lot with your lovely comments. Just feels good knowing that you are interested in my rants about my sewing projects ;). Xx

  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear things have been rough for you and I hope 2013 is shaping up better for you. I’m sending good vibes your way :-).

    I am really looking forward to seeing how you kit your wardrobe out …. no pressure though!

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