Sewing–but not for me

My sewing mojo is  a bit low at the moment! I tend to read more than do any actual sewing on my projects.

At the moment, I am working on a fleece vest for my husband, who wants a vest to wear under his biker jacket once the weather cools down.  I am making progress on it but, it is very slow.

The pattern I am using to make it is 2743 from Simplicity, which I got during the Abakhan’s 50% sale in September.

So far I traced the patterns, I checked the fit on the pattern by pining pieces together and asking my husband to try it on (no pics with him as he as in a hurry). To make it a  fitted vest I decided to used a 2cm seam allowance instead of the 1.5cm that the pattern instructions calls for. Also he does not want pockets on the vest so, I will be leaving these out for now.

I am using two colours of fleece to make it, red for the main pieces of the bodice and black for side panels and the collar.

SNV33036 SNV33037 SNV33041
SNV33042 SNV33044 SNV33045

I am still to cut red fleece and then I am set to start sewing it!

In the mean time I have been reading on the internet how best to sew fleece and I am confident that my vest will be great by the time I finish it. Smile

Also as I am spending a  lot of my sewing time on the internet I got a course on Craftsy Smile. I chose Susan Khalje ‘s The Couture Dress . I am to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive the pattern that goes with the class, but I already started watching the lessons. Just two lessons in  and I’ve learnt so much.

I am not sure what to  do, to wait until I receive the pattern, or start working on a dress but use the Class  and see what happens? What do you think?

simona 1



  1. I’ve never taken a class online but I’m getting tempted. I saw 2 very cool ones on And, I like the Khalje class but just haven’t forked over the dough. Once you download can you view it at any time? Or is it like a sew-along where you keep pace with everyone? Does Khalje make you do a muslin? You could do that first. I love doing the muslin.

    • The course has several lessons, when you get it, you have access to all the lessons straightaway. The course is split in lessons such as making muslin, adjustments, cutting your fashion fabric, construction and so on. On crafty one you pay the a class you have life time access to the course once you paid for it you can go back to it whenever you want. It is not like the sewallongs, when you need to wait. Hope this helps with your decision wether to buy an online class or not. Not sure how patter review classes work though.

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