Cynthia Rowley 1802 – another version now ready


As you remember I bought this pattern from Simplicity as I just loved it. I finished the dress about a month ago, just did not blog about it.1802

The first dress that I made using this pattern, was view A in size 14. Since then I found out that simplicity pattern sizing shows high bust measurement as the bust. So making garments in size 14 end up way too big on me. Before this came to my attention (by reading Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing) I started using the finished garment dimensions to choose my correct size.  This is what I did with this dress.

For my second dress, I chose to make view C but modified the skirt as I do not really like the way the original one falls. I just excluded the godets and re-drew the skirt lines so I ended up with a less full skirt, more like an A-line one. (I am still thinking of making it with a  pencil skirt, you know a bit more fitted, or even a skirt with pleats rather than godets. What do you  think?)

I also chose to add piping. I looked at my local Abakhan store for some ready made bias tape but was not lucky enough to find some in yellow, to go with my fabric. But no big deal, I know how to make my own bias tape, thanks to so many tutorials on the internet. Don’t remember which one used now 😦 ….  I found some bright yellow cotton which I used to make my bias tape. Still, have loads to use for more projects. (Probably as I did not use the godets, less bias tape was needed).

This is the dress in action: Been to China Town and the M&M Store in London. YESS! They have an M&M Store in London. There are 4 others around the world. Images a 4 storey shop with M&M and merchandise only !!!!!

dress -china town dress -mm store
dress front view dress back view dress frond bodice
dress back bodice dress back lining bodice  dress hem close up
 dress side view waist band I made a little mistake, I added the piping on the waistband pieces separately. Should have sewed together the back and front and then add the piping. Not very visible though, so I can get away with it as it is on the side where most of the time my arm will be in the way. It just nags me because I know it is there.

I still find that the back is sagging, but that’s because I did not know why it is so important to stay stitch some of the pieces. Now I know I’m supposed to do it right after I cut the pieces.

I will make another one of these dresses sometime soon! You know after I catch up with the other projects that I am making. 🙂

simona 1



    • Oh thank you. I did not have to make too many changes to the pattern either. Thought the contrast in colour would emphasise the lines in the dress.

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