Still Here! -Just a quick note!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for abandoning you for a while! Been away for a week to visit my mum in London for my birthday and then been sick. So no sewing for a few weeks. And tomorrow will be attending a wedding. My first one since I came to live in England!

But while in London, my good friend Deni got me the greatest present ever, a Singer Brilliance digital sewing machine ! Horrayyyy!!!! Happiest girl me!

I had a go with it! It’s great! I so love it! It practically sews on its own!  Did a bit of sewing but since I got it to test it  and mend some pants But with a bit of a cold I have not really been in the mood and life got in the way of things so sewing had to be put on hold for now. But not too long I promise! I have to many projects on my to do list to just give up now.

Also for my birthday I gave myself  Gerties‘s new book!

I pre-ordered by copy  from  Amazon at the beginning of August and waited to arrive. Hoped it would be sooner than the estimated 6 September when I’ve around the blogosphere ladies from US were getting their copies before the announced launch. I wasn’t so lucky. Well It is a long way from US to UK. But it arrived making me a happy lady :)!

I just read through to just see what awaits me! Two  things:

1) I learnt something new. You  know when I keep saying that when I make Simplicity patterns they always end up to big! Well by reading Gertie‘s book I found out why! Simplicity bust measurement is actually a high bust measurement meaning that I used my full bust measurement to choose the size  when I should have used the high bust one to pick my size. I did a bit of investigating on Simplicity  web and it it a bit hidden but it is there have a look:! Could not find it by navigating their site, had to use google to find it again. Not very obvious but it makes sense why the pattern that would fit my high bust measurement also fits me 🙂

2) I expected 5 or 6 patterns. But Gertie has included 10 main garment patterns with her book and I like them all! This never happens with me. I get book and expect a lot  from them and then I am disappointed. Gertie‘s book is awesome!

And my lovely husband took me to Abakhan‘s which is like round the corner to let me pick some patterns from Simplicity – since they have a 50% sale going on. you  know as part of my birthday present and all . There was no way I would miss such an opportunity.

To share! These are the patterns I picked:

By now you must have figured it out! I love Cynthia Rowley designs 🙂

Have a Good one!


  1. Happy birthday to youuuuuu. Wow what a wonderful haul you have and the more I read about Gertie’s book the more I think I’d like a copy. Christmas isn’t too far away right?

    Thanks for the tip about Simplicity patterns – I need to check all the sizing for all the companies now I think. Hah. Happy sewing with your new stuff.

    • Very bigg thankkkk you! Gertie’s book also gives tips on how you can change one pattern to make different variations. Just love it! Yes not long now till christmas. Another idea with patterns check the finished garment dimensions to pick your size. The bad thing is that not all patterns have them ;(.

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