Going Back to Cynthia Rowley dress – 1802

Ups! I have done it again.  No blogging for a while!

I finally got all the notions  to go back to the Cynthia Rowley dress 1802.

IMG_20120818_174759 I had to re-trace the pattern as a size 14 is huge on me. I have now learnt my lesson. Choose size by  finished garment. in my case I want the dress to be pretty fitted to me so a size 10 seems better, just need to  used a 1cm seam rather than the 1,5 cm  as suggested on the pattern. This time I am doing view C with piping.

The main fabric for the dress has different size flowers. For the piping I am using yellow fabric. As I could not find ready made bias tape that worked with the fabric and because I discovered how much fun and easy is to make your own piping I got some yellow craft cotton to make some myself Smile.

I decided to make lining for the skirt, not only the bodice. I hate it when the fabric sticks to me and it shows while wearing the dress. So two layers one of fashion fabric and one of lining should reduce the risks od looking daft and having to worry about the skirt.

Because I was not impressed with the way the skirt falls with the rounded godets I decided to transform the skirt into an A line one/ and might used piping on the hem, I have not yet decided this one yet. Will need to see if it works.

simona 1


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