BurdaStyle inspired top and random skirt

I decided that I must make something out of my July issue of BurdaStyle 2012. The thought hit me a few days before the August issue was due to arrive so I had  to choose a really easy one.

I thought that this one would be perfect as I had some fabric that had huge squares which I could use as a scarf. 

As you can imagine I did not use any pattern nor the instructions. No need for that. I only used the idea BurdaStyle shows in the magazine! I still cannot believe that they are using this as a pattern. I feel like I have been diddled!

But anyway. Here is what I did to get my top.

I made sure that the squared pattern is big enough to cover my shoulders and bust. Then I added 1 cm seam allowance.. I then cut the resulting squares.

For impact I decided to  encase the raw edges with red bias tape Nerd smile. It did not end as perfect as I wanted it, but who is going to notice other than me? If you  mention it… … You  cannot tell though when I am wearing the top! Honest… If you  do, then you  are to close to me and you’d better be Shaun, or else.

Once this was done, I guessed the amount I needed to leave for my arms to go in as sleeves and how big the neck hole to be so I can actually put my lovely head through Smile. And I sewed the sided wrong sides together so I can have an exposed seam of about 1 cm. To bind the shoulder edges I used a zigzag stitch. And Happy days about an hour later I had a top (it would have taken less if I would not have been distracted by my ipad, something to do with some items I’ve been watching on ebay): SNV32910 SNV32918

And since I had more fabric left, I thought it would be a good idea to make a skirt as well, out of two squares. So I’ve stitched the sides, made a scalloped hem and added some folding elastic to the top edge. And  voila! I had a new skirt. So I thought.

SNV32914See those bulges around my hips?

Horrible aren’t they!!! I also used to much elastic and it does not sit on my waist but a bit lower, and I hate the way it looks. So I was thinking maybe to remove the elastic and try again with a shorter piece..But that meant I would have to unpick the whole waist and that would have taken time. No lazy me decided not to even bother. But then another little idea came to my little brain: How about a top? Maybe, Let’s have  a try and see how it looks. SNV32915 IMG_20120717_220342

That is so much better! So now I have two tops instead of a top and a skirt.

Oh, no do not worry
I was not planning on wearing them together, you  know the skirt and the top. The print would have been too much.


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