Gifts were delivered so I can let you on the secret now

Remember a few weeks ago (been a while since I’ve blogged, Sorry to keep you waiting) I told you i am making some presents that I cannot show you  what it is, because I did not want the girls to know what I am up to. Smile

So, I make two aprons for my mum and a messenger bag for my friend Denisa’s birthday, which is today. ##### Happy Birthday! ######

While writing  this post I was also putting watermarks on IMG_20120714_155358the pictures. Somehow I managed to put a picture in front of every picture and the only one left is the one below. Oh……. Terrible. I’ll just have to make another one to give you more details of how I made it, and give you a few pics of the  front as well. Can’t believe I have just done this. You would say, no harm done, just use theSNV32850 original pics. Well, I’ve did not keep them,, I have saved the watermark-ed pictures in the same folder so no chance of getting the originals back. I’ve tried. Steaming mad.

I have not yet messed about with the bag pictures yet…..

Wish me luck!!!!

SNV32878To make the bag I used the tutorial given by Don Morin at, his post is ‘Push the Envelope’.

As you  can imagine, I struggled to put in the zip, as I did not read the instructions all the way to  the end, where he gives the steps on how to insert the zipper. Oh well, looks like I still have not learned this lesson Sad smile.


It was fun making it! However, I decided not to put interfacing in and made removable straps, one for wearing it on the shoulder and one short enough to carry.

My mum told me that Denisa lived the bag and and my fabric choice. She wanted a bag big enough to carry  her books and folders when she goes to Uni.

PS: I’ll come back with  a apron tutorial in some time! I guess I also need one Smile.

simona 1



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