Cynthia Rowley 1802 dress review

Managed to do my muslin on this dress now. I got mine from Abakhan, the shop just around the corner from my house.


As normal you  can also get it you in the UK  from: or and in US, of course, the


Misses’ dresses with sleeve variations and seaming details. Cynthia Rowley Pattern Collection

Overall description:

The pattern offers three versions for the dress (two with sleeves and one without). You can add piping on the seams for a contrast look or not.

I decided to start by making a muslin of the dress and used cotton, without stretch and no piping in the seams.

Materials and notions:

Depending on the size and view you are making you will need between 2.60 – 4.00 meters of main fabric a  and 0.80 and 1.10 meters lining and a 12-inch zipper.

Written instructions:

As Simplicity always does, the instructions easy to follow. They are accompanied like all the Simplicity patterns by diagrams to help you understand better the instructions. My pattern version which is for sizes 6 –  14 or EU 32 – 40 comes with Spanish instructions as well. I expected the construction to be much more complicated.

Construction Notes:

I decided to use the size that my body measurements dictated, which was a size 14. I made view A of the pattern.contruction notes 1

contruction notes 1

With a bit of  help from I’ve inserted the lining in the zipper area by machine – you’ll find Coleen’s tutorial here: Normally, once the zipper is in I hand stitch the lining in place. Not anymore.Smile Also I’ve decided to shorten the skirt by 10cm (you know I am quite little) and use my rolled hem foot to make a very small hem. Did not know I was so easy to make these hems on cotton.Smile For this, I used Claire Kennedy’s tutorial, which you  can find here:


Come on Ginger, you  know you want to be a star :)Overall I was happy with the way the dress looked like in the picture.

I made the dress in size 14 (should have gone with size 10- finished dress bust is 92 cm, which is my bust measurement). I strongly suggest if you are making this dress to use as a guide for the size the finished measurements for the garment. In my case this would have been a size 10 (with fabric with a bit of stretch), but if I want a bit of ease will go with size 12.

Will I make it again!” Of course, I would. I’m planning on going with smaller sizes and making a top. Will just need to adjust the bottom side of the dress. Will also make it with piping to emphasise the lines of the bodice. You can’t really tell in these pictures. Although this muslin is a bit on the big side, I will keep it as it is. I kind of like it and will be good for when I get pregnant for a while.Smile

photo shoot1



  1. I have loved this pattern since I first saw it. Unfortunately it would not be good for my body type (fat 8-D). This turned out really cute. I am really looking forward to seeing it with piping.

    • I’m glad you like it. I’m planing to make a size 10 into a top and might be putting some piping in it. But first I need to do some sewing for a friend and might mum. Will take some time before I can go back to this pattern .

  2. It indeed looks like a complicated pattern, but I’ll take your word if you’re saying that it isn’t 🙂 The fabric is very pretty, and the overall end result too – I wouldn’t have guessed that this was meant as a muslin!

    • I do not have a fabric for it yet. Still have to find it, and I had plenty of the purple one. that’s why I decided it to make it into a wearable muslin. Now I know I need to go a size smaller as the dress seems a bit to big on me.

    • Oh thank you! Once I finish sewing for others and manage to find a fabric li like for this dress I try it again in a smaller size. But thinking of making the skirt ,bit A-line or pencil. Think would go better with the bodice.

  3. Thanks for your review. I have been looking for reviews on this pattern, I just purchased it and some beautiful silk charmeuse and wanted to read up on it before I started.

    • Oh I am so glad my review helped. I suggest having a look at the finished garment dimensions. I liked my dress to me a closer fit and needed to use a smaller size.

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