Basic bodice drafting

“The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.” ( Karl Lagerfeld)

By Helen Joseph-Armstrong

Some time ago I got this book with the desire to learn how to make my own patterns.  This is not  a full book review, just part of it.

The book is great.  It teaches you  to take body measurements, types on body shapes, how to make basic slopes to adjust them to your body and create all kinds of patterns as you  fancy.

Although I have had this book for ages now, I still do not have the courage to go further than making basic bodices. 

As I lost the old one (I use them to see how much I need to take the patterns in on the sleeve area mostly) and because I lost some weight, therefore my bust, waist and hips measurements have decreased.



With a bit of math and clear instructions in about 30 minutes to an hour I managed to fishing both the front and back basic bodice.  CYMERA_20120619_165640CYMERA_20120619_173527

I made mine on cardboard paper, for better wear and so that I do not  loose it so easily.

I will make a full book review once I get the courage to go all the way and use the book to  make some of my own patterns.

But the book does not only teach you how to make patterns for women, men, children but also  gives tips on how to construct pants, insert  zippers, make shirt collars or jackets.  Although I did not use it at full capacity to make patterns, I’ve used the tips in in my garment constructions. Smile




    • I’ll ask Anita to help me with this one. AS I might need her to help me get it fitted to me. My dummy is not great and I do not wish to fit it on that. But it is one of my to do things! Thank you for your interest.

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