BurdaStyle skirt take two


Remember a few weeks back I made a high waist-ed skirt from the February 2011 issue of BurdaStyle, a things went a bit wrong? Iron burn marks, wrong fabric, to a bit to fitted or forgot to cut the lining pieces?  Yeah, the post ‘Skirt Muslin!?’ says it all!

So I so wanted to try this skirt, that I’ve added a bit more ease, so I can actually be able to sit down while wearing it. As I did not want to retrace the skirt, i just added 0.5 cm to the centre fold lines. That seemed to fix it for me.

This time, I’ve waited for my zipper invisible zip to arrive and used Coleen G Lea’s tutorial to insert the lining to zipper  by machine and not hand stitched. It worked fine for me Smile. I had no idea it was that easy. I had to see her video to figure who it goes in.

My skirt is not perfect, but the second version is much better than the first one Red heart. It is a bit looser, but I like it better, because I can actually move easier than in the other one. Here are some picks of the second skirt. 


I am much happier now. the new skirt is lovely Smile

Also I wanted to let you know that I also started working on  the Cynthia Rowley 1802 dress.




    • Did not realise I turned off my flash,that’s why pictures are a bit dark will have to take a few more. The skirt look a tad big on me. But I am haapy i can sit and not feel like the seams will explode. 🙂

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