My favourite dress pattern for this season

Yes, I’ve done it again. I’ve been to Abakhan today in search of some fabric I need for the Gift Exchange and ended up with a pattern as well.

I thought I’ll just have a look at the catalogue in the shop. Then I’ve seen it, so I’ve gone to sales assistant asking them how to do I order one (have not done this before in a shop – usually I buy them online). She told me that they have some patterns in the back and if I give her the number and size she’ll have a look. She went back and when she came back she tricks me, letting me believe they did not have it, but then she gave it to me. Oh, I was so happy!!!!

I’ve seen in on many blog reviews for the new season from the US and on the American Simplicity site. I did not manage to find it on the UK sites easily. I managed to find it on Jaycotts site but by the time I added postage, I was not sure I wanted to buy it online. So you can imagine my surprise when they had it at Abakhan.

So This is the pattern:



I have already thought about also matching the bodice with a pencil skirt as well as making it into a blouse. The possibilities are endless. I will start with making a muslin to get the best fit of the bodice.Smile




  1. I absolutely love this pattern, it is not the kind of dress that would look good on me, but I love it anyway. Can’t wait to see it made up. Hurry!

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