Skirt muslin!? BurdaStyle issue 2/2011

An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.
–Elbert Green Hubbard

Normally, I do not make muslins.

Well  this was no exception to this rule of mine. The reason I do not have the patience to make a muslin and then change it Sad smile. I like to see the results fast. So I just wing it Nyah-Nyah , I modify clothes  I get along.  So far it  did not go that bad. Well, I have not tried to make a really fitted garment, where you need to get the fit right or it is a disaster.

CYMERA_20120603_221558I wanted to make this lovely skirt out of this lovely fabric. The fabric looks lovely, but it is made of synthetic fibres. the fabric proved to be a not so good choice for this skirt.

The pattern instructions advise you use ‘skirt fabrics with some body, with or without elastane’.  Which I guess I did in a way. I thought I’ll have a cute skirt.

Originally, I was thinking of making a Chinese style top, but not enough fabric, for that Steaming mad. Now I am kind of glad  as I would have been annoyed a bit more, if my top ended in this state.

As  the fabric was fraying a bit to much for my liking, and because I wanted a clean inside, I’ve started with over-locking the darn thing. CYMERA_20120603_225354CYMERA_20120603_225418  And started the construction of the skirt. I did not follow the instructions, as it very easy to put together. Get the darts sew up. I use the one thread technique as it works better for me. First problem I encountered when I added the zipper. I used the wrong technique out of lazinessPunch. Please do not be to harsh with me. I promise I will not cut corners again, for a short while anyway.

CYMERA_20120606_130839 In the picture on the right it does not look as disastrous as it ended it up then I tried the skirt on. An awful sight Baring teeth smile.

When I tried it on, I realised that I forgot to add the 1cm I needed from size 36 to the waist. So I sewed away  and finished the skirt, although quite early I realised something went wrong Vampire bat.  I thought that like always by sewing within the seam allowance and other little tricks like this I’ll save the skirt. But it did not happen.  I have ended up  with a muslin instead. You  know ‘Never say Never’! Well, I did say it, with regard of me never making a muslin, and this happened. I hope it is a lesson learnt. I do not want to  keep doing this.

So why won’t I use this skirt as a wearing muslin? Just have a look at these pictures:  CYMERA_20120606_173633CYMERA_20120606_173829CYMERA_20120606_174204

I’ve not let out the seams from  the right point, I needed to go lower, and release them from the hip point. Also the zip looks awful. Not a sight I wish to impose on anyone. And even it i wear it with  a top that covers my derrière, I made it to fitted, which means that I will be afraid when I sit down the seams will come apart and expose my undiesEye rolling smile.  And that iron burn is not flattering either.  Also the seams look horrible and I have the feeling that by washing the skirt this will not change. Therefore, ‘No way Jose’ I’ll be wearing this skirt in public. Will just have to make some minor adjustments to  the patterns and try again with a different fabric. I think I’ll stick with some cotton that has a bit of crosswise stretch (I need no to mistake it for bias stretch – which I did with this fabric. Very bad I know !!!).

At least, I’ve learnt a lesson and I made a muslin, not a wearable one, but a muslin all right!

Thanks for reading.



  1. When I started reading I thought this is a skirt that I also tried to make, but it turns it’s another one – from the same Burda issue. Mine didn’t work out either, I’m going to retry it some time soon 🙂 Good luck with yours! The fabric is lovely btw

    • Hi! Well, I did forget to cut the lining as well on the first go. and when fabric stretched it looked horrible, but serves me well. Taught me that although I think i know it all, I still need to at least read the instructions carefully and stop cutting corners. 🙂
      Good luck with your skirt. Hope your second try at it goes better.

  2. I have that exact same fabric, only mine is bright pink. I keep trying to find a use for it, and all I see is a really cool lining for a black wool coat. I think a skirt would be gorgeous, for some one else, not me.

    Don’t you hate it when your over confidence messes you up?

    • I’ve changed the type of fabric and I’m going at it again. Just waiting for my new invisible zipper foot!

    • Yes, I’m giving it another go. I’ve made most of it already (using a different type of fabric). Now I’m waiting for my new invisible zipper food to put in the zipper and attach the lining.

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