Jeans Skirt re-sizing

If you  remember some time ago I told you  that a friend of mine gave some of their old clothes to re-fashion and re-use.

My skirt like this before I started with it. It was a size 16 UK (EU 44), which if a bit on the very large size for me. I normally fit in a size 8 UK (or EU 38). As you  can imagine a bit much to take in.

At first I was thinking of just cut of what I need to  take out from the side panel which is cut on bias (only figures out when the lines on that side panel hit the font central panels (ups! Silly me Eye rolling smile). But then Anita mentioned to me that the front side panels look like the amount I need to take out to make  the skirt more fitted.I decided that it would be best if I take them out.  So the blacked areas had to go Smile. Get the unpick and get going! It was going to be a long evening.

The waist band has a beaded ribbon that I first separated from the jeans fabric (I will later shorten in and re-stich to the waist band hiding my stitch). Before I unpicked the panels out I lined them together, pinned them (side panel matching line for centre front panel) and stitched together. The inside of the skirt it not pretty by who else is going to know Smile).

Also I had a patch  from  another pair of jeans I used to help make a bag. The colour of it takes the eye away from the hem that’s  not really that great. I am still thinking about maybe adding a pocket or two to the back of the skirt. What do you think?

These are a few details of the skirt they way it looks now.

And this is how the skirt looks on me Smile.

CYMERA_20120601_153737CYMERA_20120601_153839CYMERA_20120601_154017Oh and yes, I have also shortened it so that it is just above my knees.


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  1. Oh good idea – I have a flared paneled jean skirt that is now too big for me and I really need to figure out how to take it in. I will probably have to make one of the front panels a ‘feature’ panel because I can’t take a whole one out. You have given me an idea about how to go ahead with it though perhaps :o)

    • So lovely seeing others like your re-fashions! Just makes our ‘egos’ bigger! Thanks for the lovely comments.
      We enjoy any comment about our blog.

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