BurdaStyle May 2012 – top and pants :)


I’ve decided that since I’ve got to make at least one garment from each BurdaStyle issue  before I get the next one. As you  can imagine I already missed a few issues so, May 2012 issue was the one I kept my promise. I managed to make three garments before I got the June issue Horay!!Open-mouthed smile

I really liked the combo of the 106 top and 108 pants! And I decided to use linen to make them, white and bluish purple for the central panel on the top.

106 collage  As always, I’ve made some minor adjustments on the paper pattern. Just that, because of laziness, I’ve reduces the sleeve from  size 40 to size 34m, which looking at the finished top might have altered the shape a bit to much. Serves me well, next time I’ll take the time, extra 5-10 minutes to  amend the sleeve  in the correct place.


Don’t know if it is that obvious in the picture!

But anyway, Patch decided to help me and analysed my shoes closely. He decided that the shoes I as wearing were not really going with the top. Ha ha ha.

You’d better wear the right shoes, because we do not want to upset little Patch. Not that he would be eating them that is!! Eye rolling smile

For the pants I’ve copied the size 38 and when I finished them I had to take out of the front about 6 cm in the waist in total. Way to much.  Also for the length, I’ve just measured the inside of my leg and them put that on the pattern (this  was was the first time I’ve done so, due to laziness normally, I just do not add hem allowance at the bottom and then I have to shorten them). Oh well I’d better do these little things more often. 108pantcollage  I did not follow the instructions in the magazine to make my garments. Most of the times I find them more confusing than helpful, so I just followed my instinct and when I got stuck I’ve asked Anita for advice. So I think I’ve done a good job, considering I did not use any instructions Nyah-Nyah A pat on the back is in order Smile. 108-106collage  Oh!!! Aren’t I so full of myself. What you think?

simona 1



  1. Hi! pat on the back indeed! just added your blog to my bloglovin 🙂 and thank you for stopping by on my blog ! {you can use one or two pics if you like;) }

    • Oh thank you!
      With this occasion I want to let you know that I’ll be puting a link to your blog on my post from tomorrow, about my new Burda – june issue. they have a little tutorial like yours for Burberry beaded T-shirt (And I’ll add your first picture to link back to the tutorial on your blog). yours is definitely better.

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