Shirt refashion from BurdaStyle May 2012

A friend of mine gave me some of his un-wanted shirts that I’m recycling into new garments.

First one looks like this one (Forgot to take some pictures of it before I’ve deconstructed it). And I’ve chosen to make a variation on the pattern 109 from June 2012 issue of BurdaStyle

SNV32719 109-0512-B_400x533-ID262247-b0f9c6d6edb9e90d97e94e93f35951c7[1]

I did intend to make it the same as in the magazine but I did not have big enough pieces, so I went for a shorter version.  Also I’ve used for the ties black cotton and lace instead of the embroidered appliqué.

SNV32722I used the front of the shirt for the back. I stitched it matching centre lines and added buttons. I wanted to keep the pocked as well to  give a false impression that  the back is the front if looking at the back, but there was not enough fabric for the neck line which needed to be gathered so, I had to  turn the whole thing upside down and use the top for the bottom of the blouse and cut it  at about 15 cm from  the bottom. The hem would have looked weird, otherwise .

Guess what! Someone discovered how easy it is to use the button food on the sewing machine. I cannot believe I have done it manually for so long. Shame on me Sad smile.


The  instructions are not so great but with a bit of help form Anita I’ve figured the out and made this lovely top Smile.


I’m getting better at using my rolled hem foot as well. I’ve finished the edged of the lave before I’ve added to the blouse. In my  case I’ve done it from top to bottom, not just part of it as it was pretty short  any way.



Finally I’ve made something from the Burdastyle magazine before the next one is due. I have to be a bit more ambitious about it! If I get them, i have to use them. Gee I wish I’d keep up with my speed of buying them. I’ve got the same problem with fabric buying.

Do you  have the same problem? Are you buying to much fabric? How big is your stash? Mine is so big I’ve run out of space and I’m keeping it all over the place in the house.

Good thing that  my husband does not not read the blog, and doesn’t  realise how bad I am when it comes to sewing  stuff I buy.

simona 1



  1. The shirt turned out very nice! and so neatly finished – I’m always ipressed by finishes since i’m not so good at that myself 🙂 I’ve never tried refashioning something before, but it’s such a great idea, instead of throwing stuff away, give it new life.

    • Thanks! I was not inro it either, but then I’ve seen a few stuff on the internet and gave me some inspiration. My friend’s shirts came just in time 🙂

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