Sewing day–some planning

I know I’ve been a  bit lazy the last couple of days. I’ve been trying to get a post every three to four days. But that’s hard when I get lazy or I’m in mood for active sewing (this is what I call it when I’m making my projects and I am not all over the computer reading all the huge list of lovely blogs about what all you  lovely ladies are up  to Hot smile).

lisette dress and jacketIt seems that today after doing nothing but to sit in front of the TV catching up on Torchwood episodes. Then I started feeling guilty for not doing anything so I’ve decided that  my blog needs some attention and it’s  about time to start writing.  I’m in the process of writing the review on Lisette dress and jacket pattern, but I kind of’ need some time to do so.  Then again I got distracted by bloglovin’ as I do have to catch  up  with some reading as well. 

109 0512 BA few days ago I’ve also finished a variation of the top on the left from BurdaStyle May 2012 may issue. that’s another post in the pipeline.


It seems me a Kalina might be having a little sew along  to make this jacket from Burdastyle June 2012 issue. Can’t wait to get it. Also I have to start thinking what fabric I’ll be using. Ohh! Got to get to grips making button holes (not my best!Sad smile I’ve always struggled with them)

So plenty of projects to work on, but not so much time.

Hope you’ll have patience with me Smile

simona 1


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