April Challenge–Annie Hall Skirt DONE :)


And finally I have found the time to do the final post on Annie Hall skirt from Twinkle Sews by Welan Chia.

I was not very happy with the pattern, although at first  I was quite happy it came on a CD. The patterns are set up for US letter dimensions which are different to the European A4 sizing. I do not know  if that is way I got the pattern so big once I printed it, although I made sure the box ‘no scaling’ was marked before printing. My mistake, although it all turned out well, was to make the adjustments on the lining which was much bigger than the skirt to  allow for movement. construction note1

After I finished the placket, I found the construction of the skirt really easy. Smile I did not really follow the instructions in the book though, they are really short and you  need to have quite a bit of sewing experience in the first place.

After letting hag for a few good days, I’ve shortened the lining for further 3 inches and cut the hem to the length that allows me to wear it with low shoes as well  as high heels Secret telling smile

finished skirt1[5]




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