April Challenge – Annie Hall Skirt update

ImageOh yes, this is a quick note to let you  know I’ve almost finished the skirt! AAAAAnnndddd It fits me. I was so worried I might have taken out to  much when I messed about with the paper pattern. looks like my mum won’t get another of my skirts :). 

At the moment, as I was cut on bias I’m leaving it to hang for a few days before I do the finishing touches on the hem. You’ll see it all tomorrow. Hope you’ll love ti as much as I do :)). 




  1. I’m in the process of skirt making too. I’ve chosen a really simple one (It’s my first time) not to be too much disappointed on the result. Finger crossed. I will finish it next week end.

    bye chiara

    • Ciao Chiara, good luck with your skirt. If you need any help let me know will do my best. I love your little clutches. They are great. So cute. After seeing them, I am sure you skirt will be lovely. Will add your blog to my list of blogs. I want to know more about your projects. A presto simona 😉

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