April Challenge–Damask Top–part 2

Page1Hi! Thanks for being patient with me. I did manage to finish my top/dress on Friday, but we decided to go for a short break up to the Lakes, in  Cumbria, England Auto (well we travelled on your red motorbike), to visit Shaun’s brother and never managed to  do my post in time.  Here are some photos from our short break:

I ended up  with a top/dress as if I wear it with leggings it is a mini dress Be right back. (Yep I’ve updated my windows Live – the program I use to write my posts and discovered the Emotion inserts and they are so cute. You’ll see them everywhere: Rolling on the floor laughing, Red heartXboxdamask top collage

As I made a mistake when I cut it in the back, and trimmed my zipper to 14’’(which would have been perfect for a side zip) I’m struggling a bit to put it in as it does not open over waist and have to squeeze myself into it. But still I love this top. SmileRed heartSend a kiss


Hope you live it to Flirt male

simona 1



  1. I love England. Can you be homesick for a place you have never lived, only visited? If so, I am homesick for England after seeing your photos. I was there for a family wedding in 2007 and fell in love with your beautiful country.

    • Yes, It is a lovely country. the only thing I do not like is the weather. So rainy. I don’t like rain. I like sunshine.

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