April Challenge–Damask Top–part 1

april-20120402-page1My second project for the April Challenge is from Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt, the Damask Tunic.



I initially intended to used the old film roll fabric as my main fabric and then used some back or white fabric as the accent  fabric. But On thinking about it and after finding in my stash enough plain black cotton fabric I decided that the top will be more me, if done in plain main fabric and use the patterned one as an accent. SNV32392

All went well, took no time to cut the pattern pieces and to overlock them, but got busy and then today it was definitely not my day for sewing.


SNV32414The instructions are great, pity  I did not read them  first and then do my adjustments, so I just looked at Kay’s initial sketch in the book that shows the zipper is in the centre back seam. I did think it is a reason why the front and back are both  cut on fold, but I though the sketch shows zipper in the back so I cut in half the back pieces. Luckily, I do have a small back and even after that ‘adjustment’ it will still fit me perfectly.  It will be on the tight side but I am in the middle of a weight loss program, so I’ll get smaller Smile.




I wanted to put a post with the top ready, but today  was not  my day. I’ve tired top-stitching the sleeves, but I’ve done it from the wrong side and it was not uniform, so  I’ve had to unpick it and start again,the normal way I do it. Then I just had to stitch the sleeve into the bodice wrong, forgot to leave the corners of the bodice out of the stitch  and, again I had to unpick them and re-do them. At this stage I just had to give it up. I want a nice top, not a whack job. Rolling on the floor laughing



Steaming mad Ohh, no! I’ve spilt my drink over my camera and book!  Oh bugger! Crying face. I hope I did not break it. I’m just about to Iron the book pages to dry them up. But camera???? Broken heart I hope it is still working.  Book saved !!!!

Hope the camera is as well. Don’t really afford to get new one. Ninja

Now it is time to try the camera! (Note: I only added the pictures after I’ve finished writing the post). OOhh It is working, its working I am a very happy girl. Punk I rock! 

So far this his how my top looks like Smile


Hope you are having a better day than me when it comes to crafty activities Red heart

simona 1


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